What Is A 1993 Cobra?

The Fox Body platform wanted to go out with a bang so they introduced the 1993 Cobra! Check out this article explaining everything about this Mustang.

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What Is A 1993 Cobra? - What Is A 1993 Cobra?

This model was first launched during the 1992 Chicago Auto Show and was the 1st premier vehicle of Ford’s SVT (Special Vehicle Team) division. This was designed to showcase their talents by including performance, substance, exclusivity, and value. Also, the 1993 Cobra was the only Fox-body Cobra produced and spawned over a decade of future Cobra models. This just comes to show how important this model was in influencing future Mustangs.

What Is A 1993 Cobra? - What Is A 1993 Cobra?

Production Numbers

Color Units
Black 1,854 Units
Vibrant Red 1,784 Units (1,755 Clear Coat & 9 Non-Clear Coat)
Teal 1,355 Units


What Is A 1993 Cobra? - What Is A 1993 Cobra?

A big staple in this model are the GT40 cylinder heads from Ford Racing that produced a huge increase in horsepower from it’s 5.0L V-8. This resulted in a 5.9 sec 0-60 mph time as well as a ¼ mile 14.5 sec @ 98mph. Here are the engine specs:

  • Engine: 5.0L Windsor V-8
  • Horsepower: 235HP @ 4600 RPMs
  • Torque: 280 lbs-ft. @ 4000 RPMs
  • Compression: 9.0:1
  • Bore x Stroke: 4.0 in x 3.0 in.


What Is A 1993 Cobra? - What Is A 1993 Cobra?

While the main focus of the 1993 Cobra was to put out as much performance as possible, there were still many exterior upgrades such as:

  • Tail Lights
  • Ground Effects (Deleted GT Side Scoops)
  • Upper Grille Opening Featuring A Running Pony Emblem
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Rear Bumper With Exhaust Cutouts
  • Cobra Snake Emblems On Fenders
  • Rear Hatch Decklid Cobra Emblem On Driver Side

UA Black
ES Vibrant Red Clearcoat
EY Vibrant Red
RD Teal Metallic


What Is A 1993 Cobra? - What Is A 1993 Cobra?

The interior on the 1993 Cobra was an exact carry over from the 1993 GT model. The only difference was the Cobra floor mats. While this is a minimal change, it provided a clean upgrade to this iconic Mustang.

C6 Opal Gray Leather
D6 Opal Gray Cloth
DJ Black Cloth


What Is A 1993 Cobra? - What Is A 1993 Cobra?

The 1993 Mustang Cobra had a very iconic set of wheels that featured a unique direction that measured 17”x7.5” and came on Goodyear 245/45/17 tires. This made them the widest tires to come on a Fox Body from factory. Every one of these wheels were stamped with a build date to further show its authenticity.


What Is A 1993 Cobra? - What Is A 1993 Cobra?

Having the 4 lug and rear disc brake set up on the 1993 Cobra was one of the most coveted performance enhancements on this build. This drastically improved the braking performance over the rear drum brake set up that was found on all non-Cobra models Also check out our rear disc brake and 5 lug disc brake conversion kits!


What Is A 1993 Cobra? - What Is A 1993 Cobra?

The upgraded T-5 transmission featured much stronger bearings and great. It also came with a short throw shifter and an amazing clutch! This 8.8 rear end featured 3.08:1 gears and it allowed for the Cobra to get gas mileage identical to the GT model. The majority of cobra owners upgraded to the 3.73 rear end gears for their increased performance.

We hope you enjoyed our in-depth look into this iconic Mustang and please check out our parts below for years 1979-1993. Also, check out our article explaining specific Cobra conversion parts for your LX or GT!

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What Is A 93 Cobra ?

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Published on 2019-09-05
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In this installment of our What Is series, we look at the famous 1993 SVT Cobra. The 1993 Cobra was an iconic Fox Body Mustang engineered by the Special Vehicle Team. Follow along as Landan walks you through the history and specs of this unique Fox!


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Video Transcript

What is a 1993 Cobra?
Hey everyone! I’m Landan with! This time around on our “what is” series of videos, I’ll be talking specifically about one of my favorite Fox Mustangs, the 1993 Cobra.
I’mma Snakeee!
With the Fox Body Mustang nearing discontinuation, Ford and their newly-found SVT division wanted to say fare-wall to an incredible 15-year run of the Fox Mustang.
They did so by developing the iconic 1993 Cobra.
For those of you that were unware, 1993 was also the debut year for Ford’s SVT division and that acronym stood for Special Vehicle Team.
This team was a special group of engineering and marketing personnel that were responsible for designing, developing and marketing limited-edition, high-performance vehicles for enthusiasts based on existing Ford models.
SVT’s focus and philosophy was on design refinement all while improving vehicle performance and handling.
Out of all of the areas on the car, the exterior is what makes the Cobra stand out from other Fox Mustang models.
The ’93 Cobra was built with the hatchback body and its notable characteristics included a Cobra rear bumper, side skirts, rear spoiler, emblems, SVO style taillights, and a special grille insert.
Not to mention the one-of-a-kind directional wheels which meant that there was a left and right wheel because of the orientation of the 7-spoke fan-blade style design.
The 4-lug Cobra wheels were 17x7.5 inches and had specific offsets from other Fox wheels because of the rear brakes that widen the car’s track width.
From the factory, the ’93 Cobra rolled out on Goodyear rubber.
The interior in the 1993 Cobra was very run-of-the-mill Fox Body. The only thing separating it from a LX or GT was a set of Cobra-specific floor mats.
The (2) color options for the upholstery were either black or opal gray. Standard equipment was cloth seats that were available in either black or opal gray and a leather seat option that could only be had in the opal gray color.
Like other areas on the ’93 Cobra, the engine wasn’t all that different than the regular push rod five-liter.
What made the Cobra engine unique was its GT-40 cylinder heads, GT-40 intake manifold and a revised camshaft.
The GT-40 heads featured 1.84-inch intake valves and 1.54-inch exhaust valves.
Accentuating each valve were a set of Crane 1.7 ratio roller rockers that had a pedestal-style mount design.
Feeding air into the engine were the GT-40 upper and lower intake manifolds. They received fresh air from a larger 70mm mass air meter versus the 55mm that was present on the non-Cobra five-O.
Along with the larger mass air meter was a larger throttle body at 65mm versus the 60mm on standard Fox Body 302s. The ’93 Cobra also received 24-pound fuel injectors and a recalibrated EEC which would support the larger injectors.
Other small tid-bits included retuned mufflers that offered less restriction and different diameter crank and water pump pulleys.
During development, SVT undersized the crank pulley by 14-percent to achieve more power, but the drawback was a slower spinning water pump. To counteract the slowdown in coolant circulation they made the water pump 14-percent smaller as well.
As far as power output goes, the Cobra-specific five-O engine was rated at 235hp and 280 ft/lbs of torque at the flywheel.
Behind the Cobra-specific five-oh was a “world class” Borg-Warner T-5 five-speed manual transmission which was a touch stronger than the standard-issue T-5.
The “world class” transmission featured phosphate-coated cluster gears and a steel bearing retainer.
The ’93 Cobra was only available with a manual transmission.
Joining the “world-class” T-5 was an upgraded clutch that provided more clamping force all while reducing clutch slip and pedal effort. Along with that, gear selection was nice and easy thanks to a short throw shifter.
Another small area of improvement was the front driveshaft yoke… it was hardened, but served as useless since the regular yoke in the non-Cobra models had already held up to plenty of power throughout the years.
It did utilize an 8.8 rear end which was loaded with a traction-lock differential and 3.08 rear gears.
Since the Cobra utilized a similar rear disc brake setup as the 1987 and 1988 Thunderbird turbo coupes, the axles were three-quarters of an inch longer… hence the specific off-set wheels mentioned earlier.
The suspension underneath the ’93 Cobra was Fox Body through and through with the exception of just a few minor tweaks.
It had a smaller front sway bar than the GT models which was 28.5mm versus 33mm, but the Cobra did share the same rear sway bar with was 21mm in diameter. Springs with softer rates were used in order to accomplish a more modest ride when comparted to the GT model.
The front spring rate on the Cobra was 425 pounds per inch versus 530 for a GT and linear four-cylinder rear springs that were rated at 160-pound per inch.
The shocks and struts were valved by Tokico, but they did carry a Ford-specific part number.
As far as the braking system on the ’93 Cobra, there is definitely some unique stuff.
The front brakes are almost identical to the regular five-oh except for the front rotors.
The rotor “hat” was three-quarters of an inch thicker to accommodate the rear disc setup and the specific wheel offsets.
Each front rotor was 10.84-inches in diameter and the calipers used a single 60-mm piston.
Out back, the brake setup was the same one that was used in 1987 and 1988 Thunderbird Turbo coupe.
The axles were three-quarters of an inch longer on each side and each rotor had a diameter of 10.07-inches. The rear calipers were a single piston design.
Because of the rear disc setup, 93-cobra specific parking brake cables had to be used as well.
Other braking system specifics on the ’93 Cobra was a larger brake booster and 2-port master cylinder versus the 3-port version found on regular five-Os.
SVT engineers also recalibrated the proportioning valve since the rear disc brakes more pressure than brake drums.
Performance & Other Info
The ’93 Cobra did have a few options to choose from which included leather upholstery, rear window defroster, sun roof which would flip-up, 4-way power driver’s seat, AM/FM stereo with CD player, and a super sound system.
Although the sound system was listed in the sales brochure, it was never installed on any production vehicles sold to the public.
According to Car and Driver, the ’93 Cobra could reach 60mph in just 5.6 seconds and trap the quarter-mile in 14.3 seconds at 98mph.
1993 Cobra Specs & Colors
The one-year only Cobra was available in black, teal, and vibrant red which was seen with clear coat and without. Non-clear coated vibrant Cobras are pretty rare.
Of the 4,993 Cobras that were built, 1,854 were black, 1,784 were red, and 1,355 were teal.
Technically, there were 5,100 total 1993 Cobras built, but 107 of those were equipped with “R” Competition option and wore vibrant red paint.
According to online data, the rarest Cobra was teal and had black cloth interior… Ford only produced 185 cars with that combo.
So long Fox Body…
Seemingly enough, it appeared that Ford dealt their final fox body-hand and saved the best Fox Mustang for last.
The 93 Cobra was the beginning of a new performance era for Ford and their Special Vehicle Team.
This particular car here is a really good example of clean, low-mile Cobra with only 70-thousand miles. It is owned by our CEO Scott Springer, who has actually owned several ’93 Cobras and at one time had the Cobra tri-fecta which was a 1993 Cobra in all (3) colors and not-to-mention… one of the many reasons why we coined our “real” enthusiast tag-line.
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