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Fox Body Mustang Restoration: Interior Guide

Created by Jeff Jimenez
Last Updated 8/26/2021

Get all the interior installation videos & articles you need for your Fox Body Mustang Restoration project! All in one easy to search place!

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  • Fox Body Mustang Restoration: Interior Guide

The Fox Body Mustang has graced the roads for over 20+ years now with its iconic American muscle car sound and looks. That is a lot of time for wear and tear to take place on these Stangs. One of the most common places to find worn out and broken components is in the interior. Let’s face it; we aren’t always “easy” on our Stangs when climbing in and out of them on a daily basis. That is why we offer high quality 5.0 Resto interior restoration components.

To back up these quality pieces we also offer full step-by-step installation videos and tech guides to help you install 5.0 Resto and other Fox Body restoration parts in your own driveway. We are passionate about Fox Body Mustangs and we want to help fellow enthusiasts get the most of their Stangs.

Some of the most common problem areas in Fox Body interiors are the center console, door panels, and upholstery. Below you will find videos to help you with just about every major console and door panel restoration part you may need. This includes 87-93 Mustang Ashtray Repair Kit installation and Mustang map pocket replacements.

We also have videos and tech guides to help you install upholstery and replace ugly worn out carpets. Be sure to click on the link below to shop our complete line of interior components.

Fox Body Interior Parts

A/C & Heating Guides

Do you have A/C or Heating problems? Check out our installation articles below to help!

Carpeting & Floor Mat Guides

Got ugly dirty carpets and floor mats in your Fox Body Mustang? We have all the installation videos and tech articles you need to tackle this installation in your own driveway. You will find floor carpet installation and hatch carpet installation videos below!

Center Console Guides

The center console in your Fox Body Mustang constantly takes a beating. While it can’t talk back during these beatings, it will begin to make plenty of creaks and rattles after years of abuse. We have everything from console removal video to ash tray door repair videos to help you show some love to your beloved Fox Body Mustang!

Door Restoration Guides

Door panels are yet another one that takes constant abuse. We tug and pull on them to close the door and all too often kick them open when getting out. It is no wonder all Fox Body Mustang door panels have saggy map pockets and broken speak grilles. Check out all the videos below to help you replace every major component on your door panels.

Hatch & Trunk Guides

Your trunk and hatch aren’t spared from the occasional abuse either! How many of you out there have tried to shove a set of race tires and wheels in the back? I know I have! Below you will find videos on how to replace those annoying hatch support struts and even fix your trunk tension rod.

Misc Interior Guides

Do you need to repaint some of the interior components in your Fox Body Mustang? You’re in luck! We have a comprehensive video that will help your paint interior components. We also have videos that will help your replace missing or worn out pedals.

Seating & Upholstery Guides

If the seats and upholstery in your Fox Body Mustang have seen better days you can replace them with the help of one of the many upholstery kits we offer. Did you know that installing new upholstery is not that hard of a job? Be prepared, it will take you a whole day worth of work but the end results are worth it! We have installation videos and tech articles that will help walk you through Fox Body Mustang upholstery installation.

Switches & Electrical Guides

replace those pesky electrical switches with the help of our installation videos and tech guides. One of the most common switch issues all Fox Body Mustangs have are bad ignition switches. Watch as we show you how easy it is to replace one in the comfort of your own garage!

Weatherstrip Guides

Don’t let leaky weatherstrip ruin your interior! We have a complete series of installation videos to help your replace all the major interior weatherstrip components. This includes door run channel and door to body weatherstrip.

Fox Body Mustang Restoration: Interior Guide Tech Info

When you look at your Fox Body Mustang's interior, what do you see? Broken ashtray door, worn out upholstery, saggy map pocket, or dirty carpet?? Well, let LMR.com help you change that! Not only do we have all the interior parts you need to fully restore your Stang but we have all the tech and install videos you need to save money and do it yourself. Return your Pony to its original showroom shine with the help of 5.0 Resto Fox Mustang restoration parts and LMR.com tech articles!