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87-93 Mustang Mirror Hole Cover Install

Created by Jeff Jimenez
Date Created: 8/2/2013
Last Updated: 10/12/2020

Have missing or broken 87-93 Mustang mirror hole covers? Watch our Mustang install video to help you with replacing this commonly missing or damaged part.

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Just like finding a penny in any given parking lot, you'll find a broken or missing mirror hole cover in any given fox body Mustang. Heres what has always confused me - The parts are extremely affordable and even easier to install! Don't live with a broken or missing covers in your 79-93 fox body Mustang, Fix it with the help of this complete 50Resto Mirror Hole Cover Kit. It includes RH and LH mirror hole covers as well as retaining screws. They are available in solid black only, but can be painted to match your interior color if desired or if you have 1993 Mustang with red or blue interior.

Watch the video above and we'll show you just how easy it is to improve your fox body Mustang interior!

About the Video

Mustang Mirror Hole Cover Installation - 5.0Resto (Fox Body)

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Published on 2013-08-02
Product: Mustang Mirror Hole Cover Kit
Brand: 5.0 Resto
Fits: Mustang LX, GT, Coupe, Hatch and Convertible
Year Models: 1987 (87) 1988 (88) 1989 (89) 1990 (90) 1991 (91) 1992 (92) 1993 (93)
LRS Part #: LRS-17709-KIT

Missing or broken mirror hole covers on your Fox Body Mustangs is a regular problem. Follow along as Jmac walks you through how to install/remove a set of Mustang mirror hole covers. This is the small triangular trim piece that fits on the inside of the door and covers the outside mirror mounting holes. The screws normally get over tightened and crack the plastic. Fits cars with power mirrors only. This kit includes both left and right mirror mounting hole covers and hardware. Molded in black.

Features & Benefits
Direct Replacement For OEM Mirror Covers
Includes Hardware
High Quality Reproductions Of The Originals
Correct Grain Pattern
Molded Black Plastic Construction

JMac here, and I'm going to show you how to replace the mirror hole covers on your '87 to '93 Mustang. They're very easy to replace and are typically found in one of three ways-- perfectly fine, completely missing, or like this one, where it's broken and has a washer behind the screw head to keep it onto the vehicle.

Now, it's a single Phillips head screw that holds these on. I can go ahead and remove that, and the mirror hole cover simply comes off. Now, our 5.0Resto Replacement Mirror Hole Covers come in a pair and include the attaching screws.

Slide the tab behind the door panel, line up the screw hole, and reattach it to the door. Don't over-tighten it, or you'll end up with another broken mirror hole cover. And you have a completely restored area there. For more interior restoration videos, check out latemodelrestoration.com.

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