How To Adjust Fox Body Mustang Convertible Windows

Check out LMR's guide on how to adjust your windows & convertible top on your 1983-93 Fox Body Mustang! This helps when new weatherstripping is installed.

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How To Adjust Fox Body Mustang Convertible Windows - How To Adjust Fox Body Mustang Convertible Windows

Replace your 1983-1993 Mustang convertible top side rail weatherstrip with this 5.0 Resto package to stop leaks in their tracks. This weatherstrip extends from the back of the door to the top of the quarter window, adhering to the underside of the convertible frame's top side rail extension. This weatherstrip can deteriorate over time as it is exposed to the elements, eventually allowing wind and water to leak through. Keep the elements out of your Fox Body Mustang with this new top side rail weatherstrip.

  • 50Resto Top Side Rail Weatherstrip Kit - LRS-51565C
    • LH - E3ZZ-7651565
    • RH - E3ZZ-7651564-R

Below are the instructions for making adjustments to windows and convertible top after installation of new weatherstrips:

Window Adjustment

How To Adjust Fox Body Mustang Convertible Windows - How To Adjust Fox Body Mustang Convertible Windows

Tilt Adjustment

  1. Remove armrest, door panel and weathershield.
  2. In/out adjustments may be achieved by loosening bolts on bottom nylon bracket on window bracket (Fig. 14, View A). Move nylon bracket in or out to achieve proper positioning.
  3. Tighten bolts.
  4. Water test vehicle for leaks by running water over the quarter glass to check for possible leaks.

Up/Down Adjustment

  1. Locate stop adjustment nuts (two in front, two in rear) (Fig. 14, View B). Loosen nuts and adjust stop bracket from inside door up or down to location desired. Tighten nuts when desired location has been achieved.
  2. Water test vehicle for leaks.

Forward/Rearward Adjustment

  1. Loosen bolts on upper nylon bracket (Fig. 14, View C).
  2. Move window to desired location.
  3. Tighten bolts.
  4. Water test vehicle for leaks.
  5. Further adjustment may be made at glass run assembly nut if required, refer to Up/Down Adjustment procedure.

Quarter Window Adjustment

How To Adjust Fox Body Mustang Convertible Windows - How To Adjust Fox Body Mustang Convertible Windows

To adjust the quarter window, the seats and quarter trim panel and the quarter lock to wheelhouse reinforcement must be removed.

  • Up/down position of glass is obtained by adjusting the channel assembly quarter window guide by loosening the AA bolt and two GG bolts.
  • Fore/aft position is obtained by adjusting the AA bolt and two CC bolts.
  • Inboard/outboard adjustment is obtained by loosening two EE bolts and two DD bolts.
  • Angulation of the window and tumblehome is obtained by the combination of fore/alt and up/down adjustment.
  • The stabilizer assembly (used to prevent glass twist), is adjusted to provide stability to rear of glass when it is in the UP position.

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1983-1993 Fox Body Mustang Convertible 5-Piece Weatherstrip Kit Install

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Published on 2014-07-28
When considering replacing your convertible top and the convertible top weatherstrip on your 1983-1993 Fox Body Mustang Convertible, we recommend installing the entire kit to avoid issues down the road. This kit includes the header, left extension, right extension, left a-pillar and right a-pillar weatherstrip to seal and keep out dirt, water, moisture, and wind noise.

5-Piece Weatherstrip Kit Components:
(1) Convertible Header Weatherstrip
(1) RH Pillar Post Weatherstrip
(1) LH Pillar Post Weatherstrip
(1) RH Top Side Extension Weatherstrip
(1) LH Top Side Extension Weatherstrip
The most commonly worn and replace weatherstrip on a Fox convertible can be found in our 5.0Resto five piece convertible weatherstrip kit. Each kit includes a header weatherstrip, two pillar post weatherstrips, and two side rail weatherstrips. All our 5.0Resto weatherstrip is premium quality replacement so you don't have to worry about deterioration or fitment issues.

And speaking of fitment, it all comes down to proper installation. We want to show you some of the basics to get these weatherstrips installed on your Fox convertible. Also, keep in mind that any time you replace a weatherstrip on your Mustang, some adjustment may be needed to compensate for the thicker, denser weatherstrip.

I've started with the header weatherstrip, being the top was already down. Take your time and make sure the metal channel is completely free of old weatherstrip and adhesive. A wipe down with rubbing alcohol is a good added measured. Using 3M weatherstrip adhesive, I applied a bead to the channel and then to the weatherstrip.

Once the adhesive becomes tacky, carefully lay the weatherstrip into place, fully engaging it into the metal channel. Take your time. You only want to do this once. I did the windshield portion of the header first, followed by the two sides. Then I moved on to the pillar post weatherstrip, following the same removal and replacement steps. Remember, cleanliness is key.

After putting the top back up, the side rail weatherstrips were the last on the list. Follow the same removal and install procedures that you have been. With the 5.0Resto five piece convertible top weatherstrip kit installed, we completely ridded ourselves of wind noise and water leaks. Anytime you put on a new weatherstrip, you do want to plan on having some sort of adjustment as your door window glass and quarter window glass may need to be tweaked to get the proper closed fit. You can pick up these weatherstrips along with all the other weatherstrip needed for your Fox Mustang at