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Fox Body Suspension Guide

Created by Jeff Jimenez
Last Updated 8/27/2021

Check out our installation videos and tech articles here! We cover everything from lowering spring to rear control arm installation.

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Get your Fox Body Mustang’s suspension handling better with the help of our Fox Body Suspension Guide! We will cover topics such as lowering spring installation to rear lower control arm installation. Best of all we will even show you on video how to install these components on your Stang. You will find more tech articles and installation videos below.

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79-93 Mustang Suspension News & Products

Mustang Lowering Spring Installation (79-04)

Tired of hearing “needs a drop” every time you post a picture of your Stang? SVE lowering springs can solve this problem! These Mustang lowering springs are made in America for guaranteed quality and performance! They are designed to fit 79-04 Fox Body, SN-95 & New Edge V8 Mustangs. These lowering springs will drastica... more

Fox Body Disc Brake Conversion Guide: SVE 5 Lug Kit

Get rid of those scrawny front brakes & rear drum brakes on your Fox Body Mustang with the SVE 5 Lug Disc Brake Conversion Kit. Follow along in this step-by-step installation article to see how you can transform your Fox Body with a weekend’s worth of work! LMR employee Lee has been on a mission to build the... more

Mustang Bump Steer Correction Explained

What Is Bump Steer? When altering the suspension of your Mustang, bump steer is an issue that many enthusiasts run into. The geometrical inconsistency due to bump steer can cause your Mustang to handle in an incorrect manner. Bump-steer is a change in toe angle caused by the suspension moving up or down. Bump-steer... more

How To Install Fox Body Mustang K-Member | 79-93

One of the age-old questions surrounding the Fox platform is, “How do I install a k-member?” Well, we think it’s about time we show everyone a general understanding of how you go about installing a k-member into a Fox Mustang. In the aftermarket world, k-members offer several important benefits for your Must... more

How To: Install Fox Body Mustang Shocks & Struts (79-93 All)

Upon arrival of a ’92 Fox coupe we recently acquired, I knew it was in desperate need of a suspension overall. On the lift it went for me to further inspect what I was about to get myself into. Well, this poor car needed more than just shocks and struts. We tackled several front and rear suspension issues with this car... more

How To: Install Fox Body SVE Caster Camber Plates (79-93)

SVE Caster Camber Plates If you’ve lowered or have considered lowering your Fox Mustang, then a set of SVE caster camber plates is an absolute must have! These caster camber plates offer maximum adjustments to get your suspension geometry properly corrected when lowering your car. Right out of the gate, the most com... more

How To Install Mustang SVE Coilovers (79-93)

Adding a set of SVE coil overs to your 1979-1993 Mustang is a great way to get an adjustable suspension to improve overall performance and enhance your cars looks. Installation of a Mustang coil over kit can be somewhat intimidating, but we will walk you through how easy the install can be! We do suggest having above... more

Fox Body Suspension Guide Tech Info