Install Mustang Steering Rack Limiter (79-04 All)

Eliminate wheel rub in your 79-04 Mustang with these Ford original steering rack limiters.

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Ford OE Steering Rack Limiters

Steering rack limiters or "travel restrictors" are small plastic spacers installed on to your steering rack which reduce turning radius of the rack. This is a popular install when larger tires and wider wheels have been added to your Mustang. These limiters will help eliminate tire rub with the front fender well on your 79-04 Mustang. They will also help eliminate contact with the lower front control arm.

Required Tools

  • Socket Set
  • Jack and Jack Stands

Installation Instructions

  1. Place the car on a lift or jack stands.
  2. Loosen the inner-most tie-rod boot clamp and slide the boot off of the rack housing.
  3. Turn the wheel to gain access to the sector shaft.
  4. Snap the rack limiter in place onto the sector shaft just behind the inner tie-rod nut.
  5. Re-position the tie-rod boot and re-tighten the clamp.

About the Video

Mustang Steering Rack Limiter Installation (79-04 Fox Body , SN95)

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Published on 2014-07-28
Mustang steering rack limiters limit the how far your steering can turn left and right. This reduction of rack travel is very beneficial for Fox Body Mustangs running lowering springs and wider wheels and tires. It can help keep your wider tires from rubbing when turned completely left or right.

These steering rack limiters are Ford original pieces so you know you are getting quality suspension components. Each set includes 6 rack limiters that can be easily installed in your driveway with common hand tools and a jack. Follow along in the video as we show you just how easy it is to install a set of rack limiters on your Mustang. SVE Performance 5.0Resto

When adding wider tires to the front of your '79 to '04 Mustang, you might want to pick up a set of rack limiters. The most common question we get about them is, how do you install them? But luckily, it's relatively easy.

Loosen the innermost tie rod boot clamp and slide the boot off the rack housing. Turn the wheel to gain access to the sector shaft. Simply snap the rack limiter in place on the sector shaft just behind the inner tie rod nut.

Don't be surprised if you find factory-installed rack limiters already in place. If you see oil in your tie rod boot, it's time for a new steering rack. To pick up your steering rack limiters, as well as your wheel and tire kits, visit