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What Are SN-95 Spindles? | Fox Body 5 Lug Swap

Created by Jay Walling
Last Updated 4/10/2019

Using SN-95 spindles are a popular upgrade for Fox Body owners wanting to get better wheel options for their 5 lug swap. LMR breaks down what SN95 spindles are and why people use them for their 5 lug conversion.

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What Are SN-95 Spindles? | Fox Body 5 Lug Swap - What Are SN-95 Spindles? | Fox Body 5 Lug Swap

Introduced in 1994, the SN95 platform took over for the previous Fox chassis. With the many changes Ford made the suspension and the brakes were one are they concentrated on heavily. Previous Fox models used the outdated traditional style braking system that used a castle nut and greasable bearing option. Starting in 1994 Ford made the change over to the sealed front hub and slip on style rotor configuration. These were quickly adapted to the 79-93 vehicles and this opened up many different upgrades on these cars including newer updated brakes and wheel offering for the Fox.

What Are SN-95 Spindles? | Fox Body 5 Lug Swap - What Are SN-95 Spindles? | Fox Body 5 Lug Swap

Using the Fox spindle is actually a pretty easy swap over for most Fox owners. Any 87-93 factory 5.0L V8 platform can utilize these spindles as a simple bolt on. When it comes to the 79-93 four cylinder and 79-86 V8 Mustangs, you will need to swap over the factory strut from the 87-93 5.0L applications to adapt these to this chassis. There will be three primary options from the SN95 models in regard to the braking systems. First the 94-98 GT/V6 offered a slightly larger single piston caliper and an 11" rotor sizing. 99-04 GV/V6's have an upgraded dual piston design and the same 11" rotor. 94-04 Cobra models will have the dual piston caliper and a much larger 13" rotor for better cooling when you are doing more spirited driving. All of these swap overs became very popular early on due to these added benefits from anything including daily street driving to auto cross/road racing applications. Especially with the stronger stopping capabilities being one of the best benefits overall.

What Are SN-95 Spindles? | Fox Body 5 Lug Swap - What Are SN-95 Spindles? | Fox Body 5 Lug Swap

Wheels are another factor to this equation. The aftermarket options for the SN95 spindles are almost limitless compared to the four lug wheels of the past. Comparing the SN95 spindle to the popular five lug replacement rotors offered for the Fox is also a night and day difference. As time goes on, aftermarket companies offer more and more five lug wheels compared to the four lug. With the traditional style of rotor swap, your wheel options are fairly limited due to its design. These non-sealed rotors have the grease cap that limits a lot of the newer five lug wheels to work correctly. This is where the SN95 sealed bearing comes into play. This sealed design will allow pretty much any 94-04 wheel option to be easily adapted to these cars with minimal effort. Aesthetics are key with most Fox owners. Nobody wants a generic "Plain Jane" factory wheel when it comes to their Mustang. Many of the 94-04 wheels will also broaden your sizing availability. Most of these wheels will be a 17" or 18' designs. With the larger brakes you normally will have to upgrade to these larger wheels because of this.

What Are SN-95 Spindles? | Fox Body 5 Lug Swap - What Are SN-95 Spindles? | Fox Body 5 Lug Swap

There will be some slight differences between the 94-04 spindle offerings. These will be broken down into two primary groups, the 94-95 and the 96-04 spindles. The 94-95 will be the best overall option to go with in most cases. These will be the closest overall geometry to the Fox and and will keep the overall track width roughly the same. The 96-04 spindle can still be easily used but these will have a slightly different position for the outer tie rod end and may cause bumpsteer in some cases. These will also kit the wheel out around 8 mm.

What Are SN-95 Spindles? | Fox Body 5 Lug Swap - What Are SN-95 Spindles? | Fox Body 5 Lug Swap

Overall the SN95 spindle swap is a very good route for any Fox owner that wants to go bigger and badder with their Fox. When it comes to looks and performance, the SN95 spindle should be one of the first swaps that should be on your list. To see more how-to articles covering industry leading products, make sure to check out LMR.com for all things 79-present Mustang and Lightning.

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