DIY Fox Body SN95 5 Lug Conversion for 1994-2004 Mustang Cobra Brakes has assembled all the necessary parts to complete an SN95 Cobra 5-lug disc brake conversion on your Fox Body Mustang!

  • DIY Fox Body SN95 5 Lug Conversion for 94-04 Cobra Brakes
We've eliminated the guesswork out of tackling the seemingly daunting task of converting your 4 lug brakes to 5 lug disc and turned it into an easy step by step process! With this process, you have the ability to purchase everything you need from LMR or source select components from a salvage yard as enthusiasts have done since the 90s. Each section below is split up with information to allow you to make a confident buying decision in every step of the process.
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Step 1: Base Conversion Hardware Kit

Step 1: Base Disc Conversion Kit Every project has a first step, and the first step for your disc conversion has been made easy thanks to an all-in-one base conversion kit from SVE! The base kit includes all of the necessary components needed for a disc conversion to function. This includes parts such as the parking brake cables, rear Cobra style caliper brackets, plumbing, and essential hardware. SVE's disc brake conversion base kit gives you all of the detailed parts needed to ensure the optional products have a place to bolt down and hook up to! Speaking of optional, we include the 93 Cobra brake booster in Step 1 of this process. While swapping to this booster is optional, LMR recommends the addition of this 93 Cobra brake booster to improve the pedal feel and brake modulation after installing your disc conversion kit.

Step 2: Choose Your Spindles

Step 2: Spindles
The next step of the process is spindles. When researching SN95 disc brake conversions, a big topic is what spindle to run. There are two major types which are 94-95 and 96-04. The 1994-1995 Mustang spindle is highly sought after as it kept the track width within 3mm of an 87-93 V8 Fox Body spindle to keep the suspension geometry close to the original. The 1996-2004 Mustang spindle steering arm increased the track width by 8mm.. Also, when using the 96-04 spindles, Bumpsteer issues can be heightened. Check out our full listing of Bumpsteer kits to fix this problem if it arises. The spindle change is one of the main reasons Fox owners choose an SN95 brake conversion as it eliminates the factory-sealed bearing rotor in favor of a separate hub and rotor setup. This provides nearly limitless brake and wheel options the factory 4-lug setup could never offer! Ball joint spacers are optional in this step. If you are using Fox Body ball joints, you will need these, but if you use 94-04 ball joints, you will not. New spindles are not available right now, but check out our infographic showing the differences between these spindles, as well as a few related products!

1994-04 Spindles

Step 3: Choose Your Axles

Step 3: Axles
Moving to the rear of your Fox Body, the next important decision is what axle to run. For multiple reasons, your factory drum axles will not work with an SN95 disc brake conversion. The center bore flange on the end of the stock drum axle is smaller and meant for drums to be installed on these axles. When running an 11.65" Cobra-style rotor, this rotor has a larger diameter opening on the center bore, not allowing them to center correctly on a fox axle. Because of this, we've added axle options in the factory Fox length with an SN-style flange on the end. This allows the Cobra rotors that you choose to mate up to these axles perfectly. Don't forget to grab a set of SVE anti-moan brackets! These brackets mount to the axle and triangulate the caliper bracket to prevent vibration and moaning.

Step 4: Choose Your Brake Calipers

Step 4: Brake Calipers
We've arrived to the point of the process where you have various options to customize your SN95 disc brake conversion. Brake calipers come in a variety of different packages such as front only kits to front and rear kits, as well as color options like black, red, and bare finish so you can paint your desired color. The front calipers you choose will bolt up to the spindles you chose in Step 2, while the rear calipers are specific to the Cobra disc brake caliper brackets found in the base kit from Step 1. The caliper options below come loaded with brake pads to make your buying decision as well as installation quick and easy.

Step 5: Choose Your Brake Rotors

Step 5: Brake Rotors
After you've selected your calipers, you'll need to choose the brake rotors your calipers will bite into. We've compiled front and rear kits specific for Cobra disc brake conversions in multiple options such as stock replacement, drilled & slotted, and slotted to suit your driving needs. Choose stock rotors if your car will primarily be street driven, or one of the drilled/slotted options if your Fox Body sees the track and needs the extra heat dissipation and pad bite to shorten stopping distances.

Step 6: Choose Your Brake Pads

SN95 Disc Brake Conversion Tech Guides

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