How To Modify 87'-93' Mustang Parking Brake

How To Modify 87

Follow our step-by-step guide when it comes to parking brake mods for rear disc brakes on your Fox Body Mustang.

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Please follow our recommended steps regarding parking brake modifications for rear disc brakes on your Fox Body Mustang. Also, for this video, our provided steps are with the car already disassembled, so we will not be covering those steps:

  1. Loosen the small hex-head screw securing the parking brake light switch to the assembly and the ground wire as well.
  2. How To Modify 87

  3. Remove the (2) 10 mm parking brake assembly retaining bolts.
  4. How To Modify 87

  5. Remove the factory front cable from the assembly. This is done by pushing up on the cable so that you can free up the eyelet from the recess groove and remove the assembly from the car.
  6. How To Modify 87

  7. 1st Cut the small tab from the self-adjusting spring with a cutoff wheel.
  8. How To Modify 87

  9. Next, cut the top tab off as well. This is to ensure that the handle will sit flat and parallel with the floor instead of at an angle.
  10. How To Modify 87

  11. Weld the paw to the handle with the second to the last tooth engaged on the gear drive.
  12. How To Modify 87

  13. For this step you will need the correct front parking brake cable. Once removed you will cut in half to remove the receiver and floor seal.
  14. How To Modify 87

  15. Using an appropriate size drill bit in relation to the outside diameter of the threaded portion on the front cable, drill out the center hold in the receiver.
  16. How To Modify 87

  17. Take the front cable and position the eyelet into the recess groove on the parking brake assembly.
  18. How To Modify 87

  19. Transfer the seal to the new cable in the correct orientation.
  20. How To Modify 87

  21. Route the cable through the correct opening in the floor.
  22. How To Modify 87

  23. Reinstall the assembly back into the car.
  24. How To Modify 87

  25. From under the car slide the modified receiver over the threaded portion on the front cable in the correct orientation. Use (2) M8-1.25 nuts to secure the receiver in place. Leave a little loose.
  26. How To Modify 87

  27. Install the rear parking brake cables by routing through the guides underneath the car and hook the frontward eyelets into the receiver.
  28. How To Modify 87

  29. Run up the first nut until it touches the receiver and turn a few times to create tension on the rear cables. Once there is adequate tension you can run up the second nut until it snugs tight with the first nut.
  30. How To Modify 87

  31. Test for parking brake functionality and make adjustments as needed
  32. How To Modify 87

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Fox Body Mustang Parking Brake Modification For Disc Brakes (87-93)

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Published on 2019-07-26
When converting your Fox Body to rear disc brakes, there is a mandatory step to take to ensure your emergency brake operates correctly. Today, we are going to walk you through these steps to help you complete your disc brake conversion.