What Is A Panhard Bar & What Does It Do?

If you are lowering your vehicle, chances are you will need an adjustable panhard bar. Let LMR walk you through choosing the right one for your set up!

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What Is A Panhard Bar?

A panhard bar kit essentially is used to limit the axle movement from side to side. It attaches to a bracket on your Mustang’s frame rail and then spans across the car to the rear axle. This helps keep your axle centered in the car which improves driveshaft alignment and helps improve cornering ability.  A panhard bar is used only on live axle (solid axles) setups. When lowering your vehicle, your suspension geometry can be altered causing your factory non-adjustable panhard bar to “kick” or shift your axle to one side. The addition of an adjustable panhard bar allows you to adjust the axle housing back into proper alignment.

Panhard Bar

Does My Mustang Have a Panhard Bar?

Mustang’s did not come from the factory with a panhard bar until the introduction of the S197 body style in 2005. There are aftermarket upgrades for 79-04 Mustangs such as the popular Maximum Motorsports panhard bar, however they were not original equipment from the factory.

Mustang Panhard Bar

Why Do I Need An Adjustable Panhard Bar?

Upgrading to an adjustable panhard bar is necessary when lowering your Mustang. When the ride height of a Mustang is changed, the suspension geometry is altered and can cause cars with a factory panhard bar to “kick” out the axle to one side. Replacing your factory steel, non-adjustable, panhard bar with an adjustable panhard rod allows you to correct the rear end alignment, and adjust the axle back into its proper position.

Adjustable Panhard Bar

How Do I Install & Adjust A Mustang Panhard Bar?

  1. Lift The Car On A Lift Or Jackstands
  2. Remove The Sway Bar End Link Hardware With A 15mm Socket & Swing The Sway Bar Down & Out Of The Way.
  3. Remove The Two Bolts Securing The Panhard Bar To The Car With An 18mm Socket & Set Aside.
  4. Adjust The New Panhard Bar To The Same Length As The Factory Panhard Bar And Tighten The Jam Nuts.
  5. Position The Panhard Into Place And Torque Down To The Correct Torque.

Which Panhard Bar Should I Get For My Mustang?

Depending on your application and goals of the car, you can pick up a Mustang panhard bar that will fit your needs perfectly. LMR offers a variety of brands with different adjusting features and rod ends (polyurethane bushing vs spherical).

Adjustable Mustang Panhard Bar

  • For lowered cars that will not be drag racing, we suggest using an adjustable panhard bar with polyurethane bushings.
  • For lowered cars that will be doing a lot of drag racing, we suggest the adjustable panhard bar with spherical bushings.

About the Video

How To Replace 2005-2014 Mustang Panhard Bar

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Published on 2021-07-07
In this video from LMR, we break down how to replace the panhard bar on 2005-2014 S197 Mustangs. Replacing the panhard bar is a common practice when lowering your S197 Mustang. This video gives you the needed knowledge of removing your old worn-out unit to either upgrade or reinstall with a stock replacement.

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How To Adjust 05-14 Panhard Bar:

0:00 | Intro
0:31 | Tools Needed
0:39 | Lift Vehicle & Locate Panhard Bar
0:45 | Remove 18mm Bolt From The Driver's Side First Then The Passenger Side
0:58 | Remove The Panhard Bar
1:01 | Inspect Area For Any Additional Replacements
1:14 | Reverse Removal Steps
1:42 | Final Thoughts


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