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What Is A Mustang Panhard Bar & What Does It Do?

If you are lowering your Mustang, chances are you will need an adjustable panhard bar. Let LMR walk you through choosing the right one for your set up!

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What Is A Mustang Panhard Bar?

A panhard bar essentially is used to limit the axle movement from side to side. It attaches to a bracket on your Mustang’s frame rail and then spans across the car to the rear axle. This helps keep your axle centered in the car which improves driveshaft alignment. When lowering your Mustang, your suspension geometry can be altered causing your factory non adjustable pan hard bar to “kick” or shift your axle to one side. The addition of an adjustable pan hard bar allows you to adjust the axle housing back into proper alignment.

What Is A Mustang Pan Hard Bar & What Does It Do? - What Is A Mustang Pan Hard Bar & What Does It Do?

Does My Mustang Have a Panhard Bar?

Mustang’s did not come from the factory with a pan hard bar until the introduction of the S197 body style in 2005. There are aftermarket upgrades for 79-04 Mustangs, however they were not original equipment from the factory.

What Is A Mustang Pan Hard Bar & What Does It Do? - What Is A Mustang Pan Hard Bar & What Does It Do?

Why Do I Need An Adjustable Panhard Bar?

Upgrading to an adjustable pan hard bar is a necessity when lowering your Mustang. When the ride height of a Mustang is changed, the suspension geometry is altered and can cause cars with a factory pan hard bar to “kick” out the axle to one side. Replacing your factory steel, non adjustable, pan hard bar with an adjustable pan hard bar allows you to correct the rear end alignment, and adjust the axle back into its proper position.

What Is A Mustang Pan Hard Bar & What Does It Do? - What Is A Mustang Pan Hard Bar & What Does It Do?

How Do I Install & Adjust A Mustang Panhard Bar?

  1. Lift The Car On A Lift Or Jackstands
  2. Remove The Sway Bar End Link Hardware With A 15mm Socket & Swing The Sway Bar Down & Out Of The Way.
  3. Remove The Two Bolts Securing The Panhard Bar To The Car With An 18mm Socket & Set Aside.
  4. Adjust The New Pan Hard Bar To The Same Length As The Factory Pan Hard Bar And Tighten The Jam Nuts.
  5. Position The Pan Hard Into Place And Torque Down To The Correct Torque.

Which Panhard Bar Should I Get For My Mustang?

Depending on your application and goals of the car, you can pick up a Mustang pan hard bar that will fit your needs perfectly. LMR offers a variety of brands with different adjusting features and rod ends (polyurethane bushing vs spherical).

What Is A Mustang Pan Hard Bar & What Does It Do? - What Is A Mustang Pan Hard Bar & What Does It Do?

  • For lowered cars that will not be drag racing, we suggest using an adjustable pan hard bar with polyurethane bushings.
  • For lowered cars that will be doing a lot of drag racing, we suggest the adjustable pan hard bar with spherical bushings.

About the Video

2005-2014 Mustang Team Z Rear Street Suspension Kit - Review & Install

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Published on 2016-10-25
If you are looking to stiffen up the rear of your S197 for better handling and traction, this 2005-2014 Mustang Team Z rear suspension kit is what you need. This kit includes an adjustable panhard bar, adjustable rear lower control arms, and a tubular upper control arm w/ bracket for a stronger, more reliable set up.

Adjustable Panhard Bar. Keep the rear end of your 2005-2014 Mustang centered after lowering your S197 with this Team Z double adjustable panhard bar. This bar is responsible keeps the rear axle located in the optimum position under the rear of the car, dramatically improving cornering and overall handling. You can easily fine tune your suspension with the panhard bar installed on your mustang just by turning a wrench, no need to remove it to make adjustments.

Adjustable Lower Control Arms. If you are looking to fine tune your 2005-2014 Mustang's rear suspension, look no further than Team Z's adjustable lower control arms. These tubular rear control arms feature and adjustable end to dial in your suspension while getting a stronger, stiffer set up on your S197. With spherical bushings and factory sway bar mounts, these arms are a direct bolt in replacement for factory arms and can help increase handing, traction, and performance.

Fitment: 2005-2014 Mustang

Item # LRS-0514SB2
MPN # 0514SB2
What’s up everybody? Landan with Late Model Restoration. Today this video will cover my overview and install on Team Z Motorsport’s Street suspension kit designed for the 2005 to 2014 Mustang.

Alright guys if you’re in the market for essentially an all-in-one rear suspension kit, then this Team Z street setup is for you. This kit will drastically stiffen up the rear of your S197 to offer better handling and traction. The kit itself includes an adjustable pan hard bar, adjustable rear lower control arms, and a tubular upper control arm with bracket which allows drastic improvements over the factory components.

The pan hard bar is going to be powder coated in a popular hammer tone finish to offer years of durability, features poly bushings, 4130 chromoly steel construction, and since it’s double adjustable, adjustments can be made while it’s on the car.

The included lower control arms feature the same chromoly construction and hammer tone finish. The axle side of the control arms will feature poly bushings while the body side will incorporate a solid bushings. These control arms will rid the awful wheel hop plague these S197 cars are known for. The double adjustability further allows the suspension to be dialed in for lowered vehicles.

The last piece of this system is the beefy upper control arm and bracket. Continuing with the theme, Team Z powder coats these in hammer tone as well. The upper arm features chromoly and a poly bushing. It is also double adjustable to help dial in pinion angle for lowered vehicles. This is even the same upper control arm found on the S197 Cobra Jet.

Hardware is included, but I found it easiest to just reuse the majority of the factory bolts. You will need a lift or a jack and jack stands to complete this install. Team Z’s street kit is very user friendly and engineered with perfect tolerances to make this kit a 100% bolt on ready.

To begin the install, support the car via lift or jack stands. Remove both rear wheels. Inside of the vehicle, release the two tabs on the rear seat and remove the seat from the car. Remove the upper control arm mount bolt with a 24mm socket.

Moving underneath the vehicle, release the parking brake cable retainer clip and remove the cable from the eyelet on the bracket. Now, pass the parking brake cable through the factory lower control arm. Repeat those steps for the other side. Support the center section with a jack or pole jack.

Remove the front and rear lower control arm hardware with an 18mm socket and then remove the control arm from the car. Do the same for the other side. Set the factory control arm on a table and adjust the provided Team Z lower control arm so that it is the same length.

Once adjusted, you a series of crescent wrenches to tighten the jam nuts. Do the same for the other control arm. Once finished, make sure the heim joints are parallel with the tubular arm and not at an angle. Apply a thin film of poly urethane specific grease to the outside of the bushings.

You can purchase the correct grease at lmr.com. Position the solid bushing on the chassis side and loosely thread the factory hardware. Then slide the control arm into axle side mount and slide the factory bolt through the arm.

Do the same for the other side and utilize the factory locking nut to loosely tighten the hardware. Remove the sway bar end link hardware with a 15mm socket and then swing the sway bar down and out of the way. Remove the two bolts securing the pan hard bar with an 18mm socket. Remove the pan hard bar from the car and set it aside.

Adjust the provided pan hard bar to the same length as the factory bar. Once correct, tighten the jam nuts with a series of crescent wrenches. Apply a thin film of grease to each side of both bushings. Position the pan hard bar into place and loosely tighten the factory hardware.

Remove the two 18mm bolts securing the upper control arm mount to the body of the car. Now, remove the 22mm bolt securing the upper control arm to the axle bushing. Remove the factory control arm and mount from the car and set it aside. For mild mannered street cars, utilize the lower of the two holes.

Once you flip the mount over to install it in the car, this will be the upper of the two holes. Next, align the Team Z upper strut mount with factory upper mount so that the three bolt holes are parallel with each other. Then adjust the Team Z arm so that it lines up with factory control arm.

Once adjusted, tighten the jam nuts and make sure the mount or control arm is not at an angle. Torque the provided hardware to one hundred and twenty pound feet. Apply a thin film of grease to the outside of the upper control arm bushing.

Position the new control arm mount into the car and retighten the previously removed 18mm bolts. Jack up on the front of the rear end to align the upper axle bushing with upper control arm. Reuse the factory hardware and torque to one hundred and twenty pound feet.

Then, pre load the suspension and torque the lower control arm hardware and pan hard bar hardware to one hundred and twenty pound feet as well. Reposition the sway bar end links and retighten the hardware. Lower the jack or pole jack and get it out of your way.

Finally, reposition the parking brake cables and zip tie them to the lower control arms. Give everything a solid once over underneath the car and then reinstall the wheels.

Apply some blue Loc Tite to the provided upper control arm mount bolt and then thread it into the mount from inside of the car.
Fully tighten the bolt and then reinstall the seat.

Take it for a quick test drive and you’re all finished.

Alright guys, as far as installation goes, this one is very straight forward and should only take about two to three hours from start to finish. Other than that, be sure and torque all of the bolts to the recommended torque specs.

To see more great products from Team Z Motorsports, subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven’t already done so. Be sure and pick up this Team Z street suspension kit for your 2005 to 2014 S197 Mustang from the real Mustang enthusiasts, LMR.com!