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Ford Mustang Lowering Spring Installation (79-04)

Created by Jeff Jimenez
Last Updated 8/4/2021

Watch this in depth install video to see how to install a set of lowering springs on your 79-04 Mustang. We also cover caster camber plate and spring isolator installation as well.

Viewing this install and using the information shared is subject to the terms set forth here - View the LMR Install Instructions Disclaimer.

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Tired of hearing “needs a drop” every time you post a picture of your Stang? SVE lowering springs can solve this problem! These Mustang lowering springs are made in America for guaranteed quality and performance! They are designed to fit 79-04 Fox Body, SN-95 & New Edge V8 Mustangs. These lowering springs will drastically improve your handling and cornering without “slamming” your Pony to the ground. You will still have clearance to drive over speed bumps and pull up inclined driveways.

Follow along with the video as Jmac shows you how to install Mustang lowering springs. Installation can be done in your driveway with simple hand tools. Best of all this installation is good for all 79-04 Stangs and will work with any lowering springs you pick up.

Mustang Lowering Spring Installation (79-04) - mustang lowering spring install

79-04 Mustang Lowering Spring & Caster Camber Plate Installation

Front Spring Removal

  1. Jack up your car and support it with jack stands
  2. Remove the front wheels
  3. Remove the Sway Bar Endlink nuts and rotate the sway bar out of the way
  4. Remove the brake caliper bolts
  5. Slide the caliper off the rotor
  6. Remove the brake rotor from the hub
  7. Take off the ABS retainer nut, remove the bolt and ABS sensor
  8. Support the lower control arm with a floor jack
  9. Remove the strut nuts and bolts
  10. Free the spindle from the strut
  11. Lower the jack to allow the control arm to hang free
  12. Now you can remove the front Spring
  13. Install new urethane spring isolators on your new springs
  14. Install the new spring into the “saddle” on the control arm (pry bar is handy tool)
  15. Use the jack to raise the control arm
  16. Install the Caster Camber Plates (highly recommended)
    • Remove the upper strut nut
    • Remove the front strut
    • Use a drill to remove the rivets from the factory camber plate
    • Install the bolt plate with the notch facing forward (on underside)
    • Install the bearing plate (follow instructions for proper slot alignment)
    • Install retaining nuts
    • Reinstall your strut - Now is a good time to replace them if needed
    • Install spacer stacks according to included instructions
    • Slide the strut shaft through the caster camber plate and tighten the nut
  17. Slide strut into the spindle and reinstall the strut hardware
  18. Reassemble the ABS and Brake hardware
  19. Reattach the Sway bar
  20. Repeat on other side

Rear Spring Installation

  1. Lift the rear end of the car off the ground
  2. Remove the wheel
  3. Support with jack stands
  4. Remove the rear lower shock bolt
  5. Apply some downward pressure to the rear end to remove the rear springs
  6. Install new urethane spring Isolators (recommended)
  7. Install the new spring with the pigtail facing rearward
  8. Reinstall shock hardware
  9. Install the wheel & repeat on other side