Mustang Window Guide Bushing Install (81-93)

Posted 9/26/2012 by Jonathan McDonald

Are your 81-93 Mustang windows crooked & misaligned? You need to replace your window guide bushings. Watch our Mustang window guide bushing install video!

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How To Install Fox Body Mustang Window Guide Bushings (81-93)

If your Fox Body Mustang windows seem to be rolling up crooked, more than likely you have worn or broken Mustang window guide bushings. These are often over looked when doing window restoration installs or may seem to be too complicated to install. Well... not any more! In this video Jmac will show you how to remove and install new window guide bushings in your Pony. Help your window seal up properly when it is all the way up. Finish off your project Fox Body Mustang with 5.0Resto restoration parts!

Tools you will need:

  • Socket Set
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Rubber Mallet

Installation Instructions

  1. Remove the door panel (Learn How To Remove A Fox Body Door Panel).

  2. Mustang Window Guide Bushing lnstall

  3. Remove the guide rod retaining nuts. There will be a nut up top and one at the bottom.

  4. Mustang Window Guide Bushing lnstall

  5. Slowly raise your window while holding it steady to gain access to the window bushings.

  6. Mustang Window Guide Bushing lnstall

  7. Pop out the window guide bushings.

  8. Mustang Window Guide Bushing lnstall

  9. Slide in your new bushing with the slick tabs facing you.

  10. Mustang Window Guide Bushing lnstall

  11. Lower your window and reinstall your rod guide.

  12. Mustang Window Guide Bushing lnstall

Double check your work and reverse the steps to get your door panel reinstalled.

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About the Video

Fox Body Mustang Window Guide Bushings Install

Check out our YouTube channel for even more tech tips, installation videos, how-tos, and more. The best place to go for anything Mustang related!

Published on 2012-09-26
Product: Mustang Window Guide Bushing Kit
Brand: 5.0 Resto
Fits: Mustang LX, GT, Coupe, Hatch and Convertible
Year Models: 81-93
LRS Part #: LRS-22362APR

Need to know how to remove/install Fox Body Mustang window guide bushings? Follow along as Jmac shows you how to get your Mustang Window functioning properly in no time! If your Mustang's door windows are crooked as they go up & down, your window guide bushings are probably shot. This small, square bushing fits in the guide bracket at bottom of the window and guides the window glass along the window guide bar.


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Hey everybody. Jay Mack with While you've got your door panel off, it's a good idea to tackle everything you've got in there like door lock actuators, window motors, and run channel weather strips.

Another thing you might want to consider is these little plastic guys here called window guide bushings. Now these window guide bushings are located right here on your window glass bracket. One on the top, one on the bottom. They typically wear out and cause the window to kind of flop back and forth and maybe not even roll up properly. Now these things can be a bit of a pain to install, but follow along and we'll show you how it's done.

As you can see, we've already got the run channel weather strip out of the way, and that's an excellent time to go ahead and do your window guide bushings. Step one, remove the guide rod. You'll have a nut up here at the top and a nut down here at the bottom. Go ahead and get those out of the way.

Then you can grab you a dead blow hammer, rubber hammer, something with a soft or a wooden handle, come up here to the top of the door frame, wedge that hammer handle into the top, and pry out on the top of the door, that way you can wiggle your guide run free of the door. Once that's done, you can go ahead and just bump your window up slowly, and you'll probably have to hang onto it to keep it steady. That way you can gain access to the guide rod bushings.

Now luckily, these guide rod bushings are simply just a pop in pop out ordeal. Pop out one. Pop out the bottom one. Now they both snap in from the top. And before you get back in there, you'll want to wipe off any grease.

And then just grab your new window guide bushings. And you'll have four tabs on there, two with edges and two that are slick. You'll want the slick tabs to be facing you. And just snap them into place from the top. And with that done, you can lower your window back down and slide your rod back into place.

Now just a quick little note before you get your guide rod back into place, go ahead and wipe off all the old grease and contamination. That way, you're starting out fresh. Then grab you some new window motor grease and apply it around the guide bushings at the rod area for lubrication. You can grab window motor grease at your local auto parts store.

And when it comes to putting the nuts back on your guide rod, on the top, use the checkmarks created whenever you took the nut off for your preliminary adjustment. And just go ahead and tighten the nut down there. Then on the bottom, you can just run the nut into place because there is no adjustment.

Now the rest of the adjustments needed to get the glass back into shape, they have to wait until the run channel weather strip is back in. So be sure to check out's YouTube channel for our run channel weather strip installation video. And we'll show you how to do all those adjustments there.

Mustang Window Guide Bushing Install (81-93) Tech Info

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