How To Install Fox Body Mustang Outer Door Handles (87-93)

Posted 12/16/2015 by Jeff Jimenez

Watch our 79-93 Mustang exterior door handle install video here! Fix your broken Fox Body Mustang door handle. No more climbing through the passenger side to open your door! Broken door handles are a common Fox Mustang problem - replace it with a 5.0Resto door handle kit!

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Broken 79-93 Mustang door handles are a common problem. Often this is due to the 20 plus years of abuse the doors take. Follow along with this customer submitted installation instructions on how to replace fox body exterior door handles. Installation does require you to drill out your old door handle rivets and replace them with new rivets. Stop the embarrassing door handle issues and replace yours today with a quality set of 5.0Resto door handles.

Tools Needed:

  • Rivet Gun
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Drift Pin
  • Drill
  • Drill Bit

Step 1:
Remove the door panel and tape off the area around the door panel.

Step 2:
Grab your hammer and your drift pin and knock the small hardened steel mandrels that are left in the original rivets.

Step 3:
Grab your drill and drill through the head of the rivet making sure to stop once the head pops loose. DO NOT DRILL ALL THE WAY THROUGH.

Step 4:
Now that the rivet heads are removes, you can go ahead and push down on the inside rod and remove the handle from the door.

Step 5:
Slide the new handle into place and engage the rod from the inside of the door.

Step 6:
Line up the new handle and install the included rivets with a large rivet gun.


About the Video

Mustang Outer Door Handle Installation - 5.0Resto (Fox Body)

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Published on 2012-11-06
Product: 1979-93 Mustang Black Outer Door Handle Kit
Brand: 5.0 Resto
Fits: Mustang LX, GT, Coupe, Hatch and Convertible
Year Models: 1979 (79) 1980 (80) 1981 (81) 1982 (82) 1983 (83) 1984 (84) 1985 (85) 1986 (86) 1987 (87) 1988 (88) 1989 (89) 1990 (90) 1991 (91) 1992 (92) 1993 (93)
LRS Part #: LRS-22404K

Broken Outer Door Handles on Fox Body Mustangs are a common problem. Nothing is worse than not being able to open your Mustang door! Follow along in the video as Jmac shows you how to replace/install/remove your Mustang door handles.

This is a driver and passenger side outer door handle kit for your 1979-1993 Mustang. The original door handles on the later Fox Mustangs were made from plastic and commonly tend to break over time. Our new replacement door handles are made from metal instead of plastic for a long lasting fix for your Mustang. This door handle kit comes with a black painted finish and ready to be installed.

Use only 5.0Resto Mustang parts on your Project Fox Body Mustang!!!

Hi I'm Jonathon.

And I'm Jeff and we're with Today we're going to show you how to replace those broken outer door handles on your '79 to '93 Fox Mustang. This is actually a very common problem on these year models because of the factory plastic handles that were on the outside of the car. Now Jonathan, tell them a little bit more about the 5.0 Resto replacement handle kit.

Absolutely Jeff. Our 5.0 Resto handles are made out of metal so you don't ever have to worry about them breaking again. We have them coated in both trim black and in chrome. And that way we've got you covered, no matter what your car requires. And we always include the attaching rivets.

All right Jonathan. Also it looks like you've brought your tools. Tell them a little bit more about the specialty ones that are required for the install.

Tools you'll need to put on your door handle-- take off and put on your door handle-- hammer and a drift and get out the original mandrels from the existing rivets, drill and 3/8 drill bit to drill out the existing rivet heads, and then a large rivet gun to install your new door handle and rivets.

All right. Looks like we've got all the tools. Let's get back here Jonathan and get this install started.

Sounds good. While Jeff was removing the door panel I went ahead and taped off the area around the door handle. That way we wouldn't damage the paint.

All right guys. Now if you have any questions on removing your door panel, make sure you check out our YouTube channel for a how to video on removing your door panel.

To get started with removing your door handle, grab your hammer and your drift. And you're going to have these little hardened steel mandrels that are left in the original rivets. Just go ahead and knock those into the door. And Jeff, if you would pull those out whenever they come in.

All right.

Then you can go ahead and take your drill [INAUDIBLE]. And you don't want to completely drill through the rivet. Just drill through the head and whenever the head pops loose, stop drilling. Now that you have the rivet heads removed, you can go ahead and push down on the inside rod and remove the handle from the door. Go back on with your new handle. Slide it in and engage it with the rod.

As you can see, I've already got one rivet in place. Go ahead and grab your large rivet gun. Insert the rivet. And you can engage the door.

All right Jonathan, looks like you're finishing up. Now I know sometimes people use bolts to install these door handles but we used rivets. Can you tell me a little bit more on why?

Sure thing Jeff. A lot of people will tell you that using carriage bolts with some nylon lock nuts is an easier and cheaper way to install your door handles. That's simply not the case because those lock nuts will loosen over time and you end up with a loose door handle which is just like having a broken one. We use the OE type rivets. That way you end up with a permanent installation.

All right appreciate it Jonathan. Looks great. Now if you need more tech tips and install videos for your Fox Mustang, make sure you check out