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S197 Mustang Paint Codes | 2005-14

Created by Taylor Ward
Last Updated 4/28/2021

Check LMR's complete S197 Mustang Paint Code Guide! This guide will help you find the exact color that you need for your 2005-14 Mustang.

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S197 Mustang Paint Codes | 2005-14 - S197 Mustang Paint Codes | 2005-14

Are you looking to pick up a new hood or front bumper for your S197 Mustang? If so it means a trip to your local paint shop or your local “body guy”. In order to get those new exterior parts painted, you may need to have your Mustang’s paint code to ensure you get the correct paint ordered. If you are looking for your paint code and Ford official paint name, it super simple to find!


S197 Mustang Paint Codes | 2005-14 - S197 Mustang Paint Codes | 2005-14

You can find your paint code on the Vehicle Identification sticker located inside your driver’s door (see picture above). The paint code for your S197 Mustang is located on the bottom left-hand side of the manufacturer ID sticker. It is labeled next to "EXT PNT".

Once you have the paint code you can use our simple Paint Code List below to find the official Ford paint name for your S197 paint code. This will help you get your exterior restoration project underway.

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S197 Mustang Paint Codes | 2005-14 - S197 Mustang Paint Codes | 2005-14

Ford engineers based the body on the iconic 1964-1970 Mustangs while designing this model. The sharp lines of the previous New Edge Mustang were replaced with a cleaner, wider body. The front bumper was completely redesigned, with a rectangular mesh grille and a big running pony logo. The previous year's longer model headlights were replaced with a bulkier, square headlight with a relocated sidemarker in the bumper underneath the headlight. Fog lights were added to the grille on GT models, while fog lights were not standard on V6 models but were available as an option with the pony kit. A lower grille opening was added to the bumper to match the upper grille. On the hood, the hood scoop did not return on the GT or V6 models, but they did have a few trendy body lines. Ford ditched the side scoops that had become a signature of the 1994-2004 Mustangs in favor of a "deleted" look that maintained the same body lines. This gave the early S197 a sleek appearance while removing the non-functional scoops. The rounded rectangular look of the 05-09 Mustang rear bumper was modeled after the 03-04 Cobra rear bumper, but it also had an inset license plate mounting point. The popular faux fuel door (styled after the classic) on the rear decklid between the two vertically rectangular tail lights was made possible as a result of this. As an extra option, a sporty spoiler was available.

2005-09 S197 Mustang Paint Code List

Paint Code Paint Name
D3 Torch Red
D6 Screaming Yellow
G2 Redfire Pearl Metallic
G5 Alloy
G9 Vista Blue
HP Performance White
JV Dark Candy Apple Red
P1 Legend Lime
P3 Windveil Blue
PX Highland Green (Bullitt only)
SN Sonic Blue
T8 Tungsten Gray
TK Mineral Gray
TL Satin Silver
U3 Grabber Orange
UA Black
UI Brilliant Silver
YN Silver
ZY Vapor

S197 Mustang Paint Codes | 2005-14 - S197 Mustang Paint Codes | 2005-14

The 2010-2012 Mustang got a new front end and rear end while keeping the same fastback style shape as the 2005-2009 Mustang. The new front end took the car's wider curves inward and closer to the frame, giving it a more aerodynamic appearance and paving the way for the new grille and headlights. Early models had a rectangular grille that was slimmed down and had slanted edges on either side that were thicker at the bottom and thinner at the top. This made for a rounded-rhombus-shaped headlight with an integrated side marker that matched the grille perfectly. The GT got in-grille fog lights once again, and both the GT and V6 received the working pony in the grille. Although the majority of the side features remained unchanged, color-matched mirrors were introduced as an option. In the 2010s, the rear bumper had a textured black rear valance that extended around the bottom of the bumper. The faux gas cap on the rear decklid was the same as on the 2005-2009 Mustangs, but the tail lights were redesigned. The lamps contoured with the body and were broader on the inner sides, giving the rear a sportier look while keeping the classic three vertical rectangles. As an extra feature, a rear spoiler was available.

The 2013-2014 Mustang received a revised front bumper and a slightly redesigned rear bumper, taking much of the same cues as the 2010-2012 Mustang. The front bumper was kept the same shape as before, but it was now smaller and had a color-matched surround that contoured to the new beefier hood. The headlights on 2010-2012 Mustangs had a halogen lamp on the outer side of the headlight and two driving lights on the inner side (with the upgrade option of HIDs). The order of the headlights was reversed in 2013-2014, with HIDs and LED running lights. The fog lights and the running pony remained in the grille, but some versions even had tiny fog lights in the bumper's bottom. The classic lower grille was in the center of these fog lights, but the form of the bumper made the grille appear "flipped" in comparison to the 10-12. (wider at the top than on the bottom). With a more open valance, wider license plate recess, a blacked-out decklid behind the faux gas cap, and new tail lights, the back received a makeover as well. There were also spoilers available as an option.

2010-14 S197 Mustang Paint Code List

Paint Code Paint Name
B1 School Bus Yellow
CI Grabber Blue
CY Competition Orange (Boss 302 only)
D3 Torch Red
GQ Sunset Gold
HD Gotta Have It Green
HP Performance White
J4 Deep Impact Blue
L6 Kona Blue
NQ Yellow Blaze
PQ Race Red
UI Brilliant Silver
U6 Red Candy
UZ Red Lava
UA Black
UJ Sterling Gray
UX Ingot Silver

While some of these colors were carried over among the different years that the S197 Mustang was offered, this is still such an extensive list spanning the lifetime of the S197 platform. This is just one of the many reasons that we at LMR pride ourselves on being the best S197 enthusiasts in the industry and will continue to be the best representation that late model Mustangs need to keep the history and popularity alive.

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