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5.0 Resto Hood Rubber Kit Install (89-93)

Created by Ethan Buchanan
Last Updated 5/17/2021

This step by step guide will show you exactly how to use our hood rubber bumper kit to keep your hood straight on your Fox Body Mustang

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How To Install 5.0 Resto Hood Rubber Kit (89-93)

1989-93 Mustang hood bumper kit will help to keep your hood straight! This is a 5.0 Resto hood bump stop kit for your Mustang. It includes 2 core support hood bumpers and 4 fender mount hood bumpers. We recommend replacing your hood bumpers when installing a new hood to ensure proper fit and alignment.

Tools Needed:

  • Your Hands!

Installation Instructions

  1. Start with your hood up. Slide back and pull up through the notch. Slide your new hood bumper into place. Do the same for the other three hood bumpers.

  2. Pinch and pull up on the core bumpers. Set your new core bumpers into place. If your hood doesn't latch, adjust the core bumpers until your hood will latch.

Fox Body Hood Rubber Bumpers