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1987-93 Mustang LX Grille Bar Eliminator Installation Instructions

Clean up the front end of your 1987-93 Ford Mustang LX this Grille Bar Eliminator from SVE. Follow along as we walk you though installing this quick exterior upgrade!

Viewing this install and using the information shared is subject to the terms set forth here - View the LMR Install Instructions Disclaimer.

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Tools Required:
-Plastic Cutting Saw
-¼” Drill Bit
-Masking Tape
-Drill Motor
-Eye Protection

Installation Procedure:
1. Near the grille area, Apply a layer of masking tape to bumper cover to protect surrounding paint.
2. Remove the factory grille bar by cutting with a body saw or other equivalent cutting tool suitable for cutting plastic parts.
3. Clearance the headlight reinforcement panel behind the Grille opening for proper panel fitment.
4. Trial fit grille delete panel to the bumper cover making note of the areas that might need additional clearance to achieve desired fitment.
5. Once desired fitment is obtained, Use the delete panel to properly locate the position of the push pin retainer holes. Hold the panel firmly in place and mark the location of the push pin hole location on the bumper cover. Remove the panel and use a 1/4" drill to drill the retainer holes.
6. Once panel is mocked up and desired fitment is confirmed, It is time to prep and paint the grille delete panel.
7. Once panel is prepped and painted, thoroughly clean the surface of the bumper cover where the double sided tape will adhere. Use a quality wax and grease remover or a isopropyl alcohol to remove any traces of oil and grease from the mating surface. Once the surface is dry, apply the supplied adhesive promoter to the mating surface of the bumper cover and allow time to dry. Remove the protective strip of the tape to expose the adhesive. Line up the retainer holes using the supplied push pins and firmly press the tape onto the bumper cover. Go over entire surface of tape strip to make sure proper bond is achieved.

LMR Highly recommends the installation of this product by a qualified body shop. Failure to follow instructions can cause improper adhesion of double sided tape which can result in the potential loss of product from vehicle. Part must be installed in an environment that has a temperature of 70 degrees F or above. Temperatures below 70 degrees can cause insufficient adhesion characteristics.