1987-93 Mustang LX Grille Bar Eliminator Installation Instructions

Clean up the front end of your 1987-93 Ford Mustang LX this Grille Bar Eliminator from Classic Design Concepts. Follow along as we walk you though installing this quick exterior upgrade!

Installation Procedure

Tools Required

  • Plastic Cutting Saw
  • Masking Tape
  • Drill
  • Eye Protection

Step 1

Apply masking tape to front fascia near the grille opening to protect paint.

Step 2

Remove the Grille Bar by cutting with a saw suitable for cutting plastic. Should look like the picture below when finished.
How to Install Mustang LX Grille Bar Eliminator - How to Install Mustang LX Grille Bar Eliminator

Step 3

Remove composite structure behind the Grille opening with saw, or notch the new part to fit around the structure if you do not wish to remove.

Step 4

Trial fit the Part to the Fascia. Make sure part fits well, relieve additional fascia plastic if necessary.

Step 5

Once proper fitment has been achieved hold part firmly in position, and drill ¼” holes through top side of fascia using the part as a drill guide.
How to Install Mustang LX Grille Bar Eliminator - How to Install Mustang LX Grille Bar Eliminator

Step 6

It is now time for paint. If you intend to color match, we suggest taking to a professional body shop. However, Trim Black is an inexpensive alternative and can be found at most automotive retailers in an aerosol can. Sand part as needed and paint.

Step 7

Install Grille Bar Delete Panel. On the back side of the part you will notice that there is a preinstalled 14” strip of 3M Acrylic Foam Tape. Clean the font fascia with the supplied Alcohol pack and allow time to dry. Apply the supplied 3M Adhesive Promoter to fascia where tape will land and allow time to dry. Remove the red backing from the tape and install. Align the part to the holes drilled in step 5, using the supplied push pins as a guide. Press part firmly to activate the pressure sensitive 3M tape. Fully engage the push pins by firmly pressing the center.

Step 8

Remove masking tape from fascia.

Step 9

Congratulations, your installation is complete.