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Fox Body Mustang Convertible Weatherstrip Guide

Created by Jay Walling
Date Created: 3/17/2022
Last Updated: 3/31/2022

Not sure which Fox Body weatherstrip you need? Check out this easy-to-use guide to get your Convertible Fox Body sealed up from the wind, rain, and other harsh elements.

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Fox Body Mustang Convertible Weatherstrip Guide - Fox Body Mustang Convertible Weatherstrip Guide

Fox Body Mustang Weatherstrip Guide - Fox Body Mustang Weatherstrip Guide

After years of sitting out in the sun and rain, your Fox Body Mustang's weatherstrip can start to deteriorate, become worn, torn, and brittle. This leads to wind noise, water leaks, and other elements entering the inside of your Fox. Late Model Restoration put together this quick, and easy to follow, guide to help you get the correct weatherstrip for your Fox Body Mustang!

Mustang Door To Body Weatherstrip

The door to body weatherstrip is one of the most common seals that go bad. This seal runs around the perimeter of your door frame on the body side. It seals the door to the body when the door is closed to prevent leaks, wind noise, and other debris from entering your Mustang. Common symptoms of the bad door to body weatherstrip include wind noise, leaks along the top of the door into your interior, and torn weatherstrip. For the convertible applications, this will be trimmed to fit on the lower edge of the door frame. NOTE: This weatherstrip will need to be trimmed to fit your convertible Mustang.

Fox Body Mustang Door To Body Weatherstripping

Mustang Trunk Weatherstrip

Your trunk seal is an important piece that prevents your trunk cargo from rain damage. This seal runs around the perimeter of your trunk frame on the body side of coupe and convertible Mustangs. The trunk weatherstrip seals the trunk to the body to prevent leaks, wind noise, and debris from entering your Mustang. Common symptoms of bad trunk weatherstrip include wind noise, water leaks, trunk chattering/vibration, and torn weatherstrip.

Fox Body Mustang Convertible Trunk Weatherstrip

Mustang Inner Door Belt Weatherstrip

If you've ever rested your arm out the window and felt a sharp poke, it was most likely a dry-rotted door belt weatherstrip. The inner door belt weatherstrip attaches to the top of your door panel to keep moisture, and debris, out of the inside of your door. This seal has a felt lining that wipes the window clean when it goes up and down, and a chrome trim piece that improves the look of your interior. A common symptom of a worn inner door belt weatherstrip is scratches on your window tint, or pieces of rubber missing from deterioration.

Convertible Mustang Inner Door Belt Weatherstrip

Mustang Header Rail Weatherstrip

Over time, Fox Body weatherstripping can deteriorate, become worn, and fail to cause wind noise, leaks, and bad seals. Pick up a new 1983-1984 Mustang 5.0Resto convertible top header weatherstrip to help complete your Fox Body restoration project! The header weatherstrip attaches to the front of the convertible top and extends on each side of the top frame back to the first top hinge. Its purpose is to seal the top frame to the Windshield Frame and Door glasses.

Mustang Outer Quarter Belt Weatherstrip

Often referred to as dew wipes, the Mustang convertible outer quarter window belt weatherstrip is located on the outside of the quarter window and attaches to the rear quarter panel. It helps to wipe the window clean as it is rolled up & down as well as provide a bit of stability to the window glass. This 5.0Resto weatherstrip is a direct replacement for the factory piece on 1983-1993 Ford Mustang convertibles.

Mustang Inner Quarter Window Weatherstrip

Ensure your 1983-1989 Mustang convertible quarter windows are sealed tight with this 5.0Resto quarter belt weatherstrip kit! Your factory belt weatherstrip will usually dry rot over time, and wear out from continuous up and down movement. This kit will include both inner and outer pieces for the driver and passenger side. The inner quarter window belt weatherstripping attaches to your rear interior quarter panel and has chrome trim on it. The outer quarter window belt is located on the outside of the quarter window and attaches to the well molding or "hockey stick molding". These pieces work together to seal your convertible quarter windows and wipe them clean when they move up and down.

Mustang Header Top Side Rail Weatherstrip

This 1983-1993 Fox Body Mustang 5.0Resto convertible top side rail weatherstrip extends the header and runs along the top edge of the door glass. To keep out rain, road noise, and the elements the door window on your Mustang convertible presses against this piece of weatherstrip to form a seal. If your convertible top weatherstrip is torn, deteriorated, or brittle from sun exposure this piece of weatherstrip cannot do its job properly. Stay dry and reduce wind noise by replacing it today with this high-quality reproduction piece.

Mustang Convertible Pillar Post Weatherstrip

Replace your passenger side pillar post weatherstrip for your 1983-1986 Ford Mustang Convertible with this OE-style 5.0 Resto replacement! This weatherstrip runs from the upper door hinge to the top corner of the windshield post and adheres to the underside on the A-pillar.

Fox Body Mustang Convertible Pillar Post Weatherstrip

Mustang Post Seal Caps

Are your 1983-1993 Mustang convertible quarter post seal caps worn, torn, or falling apart? This is a common problem on Fox Bodys due to door contact, exposure to the elements, and old age. Get them fixed with 5.0Resto's direct replacement 1983-1993 Mustang convertible quarter post seal caps. These caps are located on the door jam below the quarter window and help keep debris out of the inside of your quarter panel window area.

Fox Body Mustang Convertible Pillar Post Cap Seal

Mustang Convertible Top Frame To Beltline Seal Kit

Keep your convertible 1983-1993 Mustang sealed properly with this high-quality replacement convertible top frame to beltline seal kit from 5.0Resto! After years of punishment from the sun, weather, and the motion of the convertible top going up and down, these seals are guaranteed to be worn out. This wear and tear allow unwanted water, debris, and wind noise to enter your Mustangs cabin. Located on the bottom frame, this seal fills in the gap where the top, belt molding, & quarter window meet. Restore your Mustang's convertible top with these high-quality reproductions from 5.0Resto!

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