How To Install Mustang Roof Rail & Door Belt Molding (83-95)

Posted 9/21/2012 by Jeff Jimenez

Replace your peeling & cracking Fox Body Mustang roof rail & door belt modling! Watch our install video to help walk you through the removal and install.

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After years of abuse from the environment and elements, Fox Body Mustang roof rail moldings begin to peel and crack. Don't let worn roof rail moldings bring down the looks of your Mustang exterior! Replace those ugly moldings with quality 5.0Resto restoration parts. This easy install can greatly improve the looks of your Pony. Follow along in this video as Jmac and Jeff show you how to replace your roof rail moldings and door belt moldings.

  • Kit includes both left and right hand sides
  • Will not fit 79-86 unless 87-93 1/4 windows are used
  • Will not fit convertible

Tools Required:

  • Philips Head Screw Driver

Door Belt Molding Installation Instructions:

Remove the Philips head screw along the "b" pillar.

Slide the old door belt molding towards you and off the car.

Slide the new door belt molding onto the car, make sure you align the tabs correctly.

Re-install the new philips head screw along the "b" pillar.

Roof Rail Molding Installation Instructions:

Remove the Philips head screw along the "a" pillar.

You can now start pulling the molding off the pinch weld. Be care not to break the tab at the back quarter window.

Take your new molding and align the rear tab with the quarter window.

Firmly press the roof rail molding into place.

You should hear it “snap” into place.

Re-install the retaining screw and you are done.


About the Video

Fox Body Mustang Roof Rail & Door Belt Molding, Door Belt Weatherstrip Install

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Published on 2012-09-21
1987-93 Mustang Roof Rail Molding Kit
Brand: 5.0Resto
Fits: Mustang
Year Models: 1987 (87) - 1988 (88) - 1989 (89) - 1990 (90) - 1991 (91) - 1992 (92) - 1993 (93)

Roof rail moldings are the rubber/metal trim pieces that run from the front edge of the 1/4 windows, along the roof pinchwelds, and down the a-pillars on hardtop (hatchback & coupe) Mustangs. Years of abuse from the sun and elements will cause them to become faded and cracked.

Hi, I'm Jeff.

And I'm Jonathan. We're with Today we're going to be talking about exterior trim and molding for your '87 to '93 Mustang. Jeff, tell us what you have in front of you.

Yeah, Jonathan, here we've got the outer door belt moldings. These are an exact reproduction part for Fox Mustangs. When replacing these, we always like to replace the outer door belt weatherstripping. It's easy to access with the molding removed. Now the molding also comes with hardware that I see in front of you.

Right, the hardware included with outer door belt molding is the round disc-type retainers that are used on '88 to '93 Mustangs. These can also be used on your '87 with the square-type retainers as long as you drill new holes and rivet these new ones in place. Also included in that hardware kit is a new retaining screw.

Now the last part we're going to be working with today is the roof rail molding. It is an exact reproduction of the original. Has OE-type retaining clips and has the correct sealer on the inside. However, these do not include new hardware, so please retain your original screws.

All right, Jonathan, let's move back to the red coupe and get these installed.

Let's do it.

Removing the outer door belt molding is simple. The first step is to remove the Phillips screw located on the outer edge of the door. With that screw removed, the door belt molding should simply slide out of place. Now Jonathan's going to walk you through the installation of a new door belt molding.

Thanks, Jeff. Before we get started with that, I want to talk about the retainers. If yours are broken or missing, all you have to do is drill out the retaining rivets, grab your new retainers, and pop in some new rivets. We'd also talked about replacing the outer door belt weatherstrip at the same time. That's held in by just a couple rivets. Again, drill those out and pop some new rivets in your new weatherstrip.

Your new door belt molding has the recesses to go over the retainers just like the original. To put it back on, all you do is reverse the removal procedure. Slide it on, slide it forward, and put your screw back in.

Now we're going to remove the roof rail molding. It's almost as easy as the outer door belt molding, just a little messier. All you've got is a single screw located down here. Once you get it out of the way, you can start pulling it off the pinch weld and work your way around the top. Be kind of careful not to get any of that black goo on you. Once you get back here to the quarter window, make sure to be careful not to tear off your little tab there.

Clean the pinch weld area well with denatured alcohol or mineral spirits. With the pinch weld's clean, you can now start the installation of your roof rail molding. Before starting, make sure you align the quarter window tab with the rear of the molding. Now you're going to want to firmly press the roof rail molding into place. With that, make sure that you tighten up the screw, and you're done.

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