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Mustang 5.0 Emblem Install (79-93)

Posted 3/20/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

Watch this video to see how to properly remove and install a new 5.0 Mustang fender emblem!

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Is it time to replace your 5.0 emblem on the side of your Fox Body Mustang? Maybe you have sent your Stang off to paint and you aren't sure exactly where the new 5.0 emblems should go back onto your Mustang. People may not realize that the 5.0 badges were installed by hand on the Ford assembly line. Unlike later year model Mustangs, these did not use alignment tabs and holes in the fender. Thus making it hard to determine the exact spot these emblems should go back into. Don’t forget to check out our full line of Mustang emblems and badges.

Follow along in the video as Jmac shows you how to remove and install new Mustang 5.0 Emblems in their proper place. The removal process will work on any emblem that is held on with 3M style adhesive tape.

Tools Needed:

  • Prying Tool
  • Painters Tape

Mustang Emblem Installation :

  1. Start by placing blue painters tape around the emblem to protect the paint.

  2. Mustang 5.0 Emblem Install

  3. Using the prying tool, remove the emblem from the car.

  4. Mustang 5.0 Emblem Install

  5. Clean the area with detail spray and remove any emblem adhesive residue with an eraser wheel.

  6. Mustang 5.0 Emblem Install

  7. Download and print the 5.0 Fender Emblem Template and place on the car to line up your new emblem.

  8. Mustang 5.0 Emblem Install

  9. Peel and stick the new emblem on the car and remove the template.

  10. Mustang 5.0 Emblem Install

  11. You're all done!.

  12. Mustang 5.0 Emblem Install


About the Video

1985-93 Mustang 5.0 Resto Exterior Emblem Kits - Install & Review

Check out our YouTube channel for even more tech tips, installation videos, how-tos, and more. The best place to go for anything Mustang related!

Published on 2018-01-29
Replace all the emblems at once on your Fox Body Mustang with a kit put together by the restoration experts at Late Model Restoration. All 1979-1993 Mustang Fox Bodies benefit from a fresh set of emblems and we made it easy for you to get everything in one step. Exterior emblem kits are currently available for the 1985 -1993 Fox Body Mustangs.

Application: 1985-1993 Mustang GT, LX, & Cobra

Video Note:
- The steps illustrated in this video were demonstrated on a 1991 Mustang GT. Depending on the year and trim of your Fox Body, some steps may slightly differ.
How’s it going everyone? Landan with LMR.com! In this video, I’ll be showing all of you a general understanding on how to remove your front bumper from a Fox Body Mustang.

Removing the front bumper from a Fox Body is needed for a few different reasons. Those include servicing the front bumper support, header panel, or really anything you can’t get to with the bumper attached to the car.

The removal process is going to be done on 1991 GT so these steps will be verbatim for you 1987 to 1993 GT owners. Now for you 1979 to 1986 guys and 87 to 93 LX owners; this process is dang near identical for you all as well.

To get started, support the front of the car.

Remove both rear wheels.

In this video, we will be removing the splash shields. While this is optional, it does make removing the fender to front bumper hardware a lot easier.

To do this, remove all of the Phillips head retaining screws.

There will be one at the front, top, and rear of the fender; as well as four underneath the car with.

For 87 to 93 GTs, removing the two retaining screws from the spat behind the tire will allow you to gently move the spat enough to remove the rear splash shield retaining screw.

Now, remove the four push pins from the splash shield.

There will be two on either side of strut, one near the rear of the k-member, and the other one is all the forward and underneath the frame rail.

With all of the attaching hardware now removed, separate the splash shield from the fender lip and roll the insides of the splash shield toward the strut.

Remove the splash shield from the car.

Go ahead and repeat these steps for the other side.

On the driver side, remove the 6 bumper cover to fender retaining nuts with an 11mm socket.

If you own an 87-93 GT, remove the two forward facing nuts from the reinforcement panel.

All others, remove the three forward facing nuts from the reinforcement panel.

Do the same for the passenger side.

While you’re still underneath the car, remove the 4 retaining bolts with a *

Inside of the engine bay and on the passenger side, remove the header panel to core support retaining nut.

This is 11mm as well and if your car has a factory air box, you’ll need to position that out of the way.

On the driver side, remove the battery from the tray for additional work room.

Once removed, loosen and remove the 11mm header panel to core support retaining nut.

Finally, remove the two 8mm retaining bolts securing the “L” brackets to the core support.

Bring the bumper forward and let it rest on the bumper support.

Disconnect all electrical connections.

Now you can completely remove the front bumper.

Reverse these steps to reinstall the bumper.

Alright guys, as far as the bumper removal process goes; it’s pretty straight forward. Again, splash shield removal is optional, but I promise it’ll make life easier for ya when removing the front bumper to fender retaining nuts.

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Mustang 5.0 Emblem Install (79-93) Tech Info

These emblems will fit the following year model Mustang GT LX SVT Cobra: 1979 (79) - 1980 (80) - 1981 (81) - 1982 (82) - 1983 (83) - 1984 (84) - 1985 (85) - 1986 (86) - 1987 (87) - 1988 (88) - 1989 (89) - 1990 (90) - 1991 (91) - 1992 (92) - 1993 (93)