Mustang Cowl Vent Grille & Molding Install (83-93)

Fix up your 1983-1993 Fox Mustang with a genuine 5.0Resto Cowl Vent Grille and Lower Windshield Molding Kit!

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The 1983-1993 Fox Mustang Lower Windshield Moldings and Cowl Vent Grille take quite a beating from the sun's UV rays. This exposure caused them to fade, deteriorate, crack, and break. This causes your Mustang to look a little worse for the wear, when that's probably not the case. Luckily replacing them wont break the bank and installation is very straightforward, as Jeff and I show you in the video.

When doing this install, it requires you to remove your windshield wiper arms and blades, this is a great opportunity to add new ones. Also, you'll want to make sure you have a Windshield Reveal Molding Tool so you can access the lower moldings. If your reveal moldings are faded as well, grab a can of our exterior trim paint to spruce them up.

Tools Needed:

  • Windshield Reveal Molding Tool
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver

Removal Procedure:

Step 1:
Mark your current wiper position with masking tape. Lift the arm, release the locking tab, and wiggle it free from the spline shaft.

Mustang Cowl Vent Grille & Molding Install (83-93)

Step 2: With the Phillips head screwdriver remove the 6 screws that hold the cowl vent to the car.

How To Install Mustang Cowl Vent Grille & Molding (83-93) - How To Install Mustang Cowl Vent Grille & Molding (83-93)

Step 3: After removing the 6 screws lift the cowl vent grille up, you will see a hose going to the sprayer.

Step 4: Remove Windshield Moldings using the Windshield Reveal Molding Tool.

How To Install Mustang Cowl Vent Grille & Molding (83-93) - How To Install Mustang Cowl Vent Grille & Molding (83-93)

Installation Procedure:

Step 1: Install new Windshield Moldings by snapping them into place.

How To Install Mustang Cowl Vent Grille & Molding (83-93) - How To Install Mustang Cowl Vent Grille & Molding (83-93)

Step 2: Re-install the sprayer to the new cowl with the (1) phillips head screw.

Step 3: Place the new cowl vent onto the car, plug the sprayer hose back onto the sprayer.

How To Install Mustang Cowl Vent Grille & Molding (83-93) - How To Install Mustang Cowl Vent Grille & Molding (83-93)

Step 4: Line up the cowl with the screw holes and tighten the 6 screws back into the cowl.

Step 5: Take the wipers and slide them back onto the wiper gears.

Step 6: Lift up on the end of the wiper and push the retaining tab back in.

How To Install Mustang Cowl Vent Grille & Molding (83-93) - How To Install Mustang Cowl Vent Grille & Molding (83-93)
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About the Video

1983-1993 Fox Body Mustang Cowl Vent Grille & Windshield Molding Install

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Published on 2013-06-12
In this video, Jeff and Jonathan talk about the removal and installation procedure for the cowl vent grille and lower windshield moldings on a 1983-1993 Fox Body Mustang.
Jeff:Hi, I’m Jeff at, today I’m here with Jonathan

Jonathan: Jeff thanks for having me

Jeff: No problem

Jeff: Today we are here to talk to you about cowl vent grilles and lower windshield moldings for your Fox Mustang. Before we get on to this install, Jonathan tell them a little bit more about these parts.

Jonathan: Will do. Our cowl vent grille and lower windshield molding kit is the best on the market. The cowl vent grille is an exact reproduction of the original. And is a direct replacement for 1983-93 Fox Body Mustangs. The lower windshield molding comes out of the original Ford tooling. It even has the ford original part number and Ford oval stamped on the back.

Jeff: I also noticed you brought a hardware kit. Can you tell them a little more about that.

Jonathan: We highly recommend you picking up one of our Mustang Cowl Vent hardware kits whenever you are doing this install. It comes with the six screws and four plastic inserts, that way you get rid of the broken and rusted hardware that is probably on your car right now.

Jeff: Well hey Jonathan a appreciate all that knowledge. Let’s get this install started.

Jonathan: Let’s Do It!

Jeff: To removal the cowl vent grille, the first step is to remove the windshield wipers. As you can see Jonathan has marked their original location with blue painters tape to ensure they go back in the proper location. Now Jonathan, walk them through removing the cowl vent grille.

Jonathan: It’s really simple Jeff. You have six screws that hold the cowl vent to the cowl panel itself. Once you get those removed you can pop it up. You will have your windshield washer nozzle hose and then you can remove the actual windshield washer nozzle and transfer it to the new cowl vent panel. This is one of the main reasons we are replacing the cowl vent panel because they are broke. The other two problems you find are they are fading and chipping. Let’s go ahead and get this removed Jeff.

Jeff: Alright looks like Jonathan got the cowl vent off. The Next step is to remove the lower windshield moldings. Now Jonathan it looks like these are held down by the side moldings. Is this the tool you need to remove the mustang side windshield moldings?

Jonathan: That is the correct tool. It is the Mustang window reveal molding tool. These side moldings are held to the body by three to four spring loaded clips per side. To remove them you lift up slightly on the side of the molding and slide the hook on the tool until you find the clip. Then engage the clip, pull out and you will hear the clip pop. Repeat that on the remaining clips. If you don’t have one of these tools you can purchase one on our website. We keep them in stock. Once you get that molding loose it will break free just like that. As you can see one of the tabs on the lower moldings is already broken off. Yours will probably be the same way. It not it might be by the time you get it removed. Basically you will want to start by removing this front side by pulling up and it will come loose. If you have a broken tab you can just grab a set of needle nose pillars to grab that broken tab and pull it out. Your good to go.

Jonathan: To install the new lower windshield moldings. Insert the upper tab into the side windshield molding. Then simply snap the side molding into place. Then engage to two lower tabs and push them into place. Jeff can you grab the new cowl grille

Jeff: Certainly Jonathan. Now before I go install this it looks like we are missing a tab over there.

Jonathan: yeah the insert is missing on this Mustang. The installation is really simple they just push into place. I you are missing any or have broken inserts simply fold them up and push them through to remove them. Then you can snap the new ones in place – really simple. Now when you are putting this in you definitely don’t want to forget to reconnect your windshield washer nozzle hose.

Jeff: Now I can already tell a major difference compared to that old faded and broken cowl vent we had before.

Jonathan: Now it is amazing how just a few parts can really improve the looks of the exterior of your Mustang.

Jeff: The last step to finish up this project is to install the windshield wipers. For more Mustang install and tech tips check out