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Mustang Project Cars By LMR.com

Mustang Project Cars By LMR.com

Mustang Project Cars By LMR.com

Created by Jeff Jimenez
Last Updated 5/17/2021

See all of our Project Mustangs here! Watch videos and read about all your favorite Mustang builds.

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We have been graced by some amazing project Mustangs. Some are now long gone but definitely not forgotten. Whether they are still here or have been retired and sold off, there is one thing that is certain – no LMR.com Project Mustang has never been a trailer queen. They all see regular track time that includes road race courses, drag racing & even an occasional auto-x time.

Our latest project Mustangs include our SVE Pace Car revamp, Bondurant Cobra that features a 5.0L Coyote Engine Swap and our 2013 Mustang GT, AKA Project High Impact, that features a Ford Racing Whipple Supercharger. We also have a few project cars that have been around for a while such as our 1988 Mustang GT Convertible, AKA Project Introvert. Our project Mustangs have been great product research tools and have served as an instrument to bring you some of the latest and greatest products and tech videos.

LatemodelRestoration.com Project Mustangs

SVE Pace Car - Project 777 Revamp

Our 2011 Project car has been around for quite some time now. It was hard to miss with the bright orange wheels and decals. Over the past few months there has been talk going on in the dark corners of some of our offices about how our 2011 777 Project Car needed an update; however, the opportunity and time to revamp t... more

2000 Cobra R

Not many people would jump at the opportunity to drive a vehicle without a radio and air conditioning. Unless that vehicle just happens to be one of the rarest most popular Mustangs ever created! The 2000 Cobra R was one of the most unique special edition Stangs produced by SVT. Ford’s SVT team took 300 Performance... more

2014 Roush Mustang Build

As we gear up for the 2015 Mustang’s release, we figured what better way to say goodbye to the S197 platform than building a one last project car! If you have followed any of our previous project cars you have noticed that they have all been standard transmissions. This time around we are starting with a 2014 Ford Must... more

Project Blue Collar: Fox Body Mustang Restoration

I know you have all seen the Craigslist and Forum post about a Fox Body Mustang that reads something like this: Fox Body Mustang Cheap -- Won’t Start. Many times these types of projects can be a nightmare but sometimes they can be a diamond in the rough. That is what we found in Project Blue Collar. The wiring, interi... more

Mustang Coyote Engine Swap Project

If you are flirting with the idea of a Coyote Engine Swap for your Fox Body or SN95 Mustang, you have come to the ultimate source of Coyote Swap parts and technical information! We have accumulated a mass of technical information and install videos to assist you with all your Coyote Swap needs. Whether you have questio... more

2013 Mustang GT: Project High Impact

As with all our project Mustangs, our 2013 Mustnag GT, AKA Project High Impact, has been a test mule for many 2013-14 Mustang parts we sell. This project got its name from the Ford color Deep Impact Blue. Project High Impact is a Premium model that is fully loaded with the Recaro seat option, Track Pack (Brembo brakes,... more

J-Mac's DPS Coupe

1993 was the last year the Mustang was offered with the Special Service Package and the last year it was ordered by law enforcement agencies. I came across this one in December of 1999; I was on the hunt for a new ride after my 1988 GT met an untimely end. It belonged to Scott Springer, who is now our General Manag... more

Lee’s 1989 Mustang LX Coupe Project

As many of you out there know, owning a Mustang isn't just about having a car to drive back and forth to work, school or to a car show on a Sunday. All of us here usually can't keep our hands out of the parts "cookie jar" we call our warehouse. One of our top sales guys, Lee C., has been daily driving his 1989 Mustang ... more

Project Six Appeal 2011 Mustang V6

It has been an extremely fun ride with Project Six Appeal, our 2011 Mustang V6 project car. What started off as a car you would find on the front line of your local rental car agency, quickly morphed into a sinister hotrod that upset many 5.0 and GT500 owners at the road course and left many scratching their foreheads ... more

Fox Body Fairmont 3V Motor Swap (4.6L Mustang Engine)

We’ve said it before, the Fox Body Mustang has proven to become todays 32 Ford. You’ll find today’s hot-rodders installing virtually any engine combination you can imagine into these cars. I’ve seen everything from a Duramax to a Cadillac 500 in a Fox Body Mustang. The options are endless, thanks to the 1979-1993 Musta... more

Scott's 2011 Mustang GT

All good things come to an end. Such is the case with our 2011 Race Red project car. As Scott's personal car, this Mustang served us for almost 2 years as a test bed for products, as well as a fixture at events and shows. The 2011 Brembo-packaged, premium GT was transformed over its term as project car from stocke... more

Project IntroVert: Fox Body Mustang Convertible Restoration

Project IntroVert is our convertible Fox Body Mustang project. We have done some serious installations to help bring this Stang back from the grave. Too often this is that project that gets put into the corner and forgotten about. That doesn’t mean we don’t bring it back to the top of our project list from time to time... more