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Fox Body Restoration: ASC McLaren | Project Mercury Rising

Follow along as Late Model Restoration restores and updates an employee's ASC McLaren with all of the latest and greatest parts.

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Being the Fox Body Mustang enthusiasts that we are, we wanted to show the world how dedicated we are to the Fox platform. To do so, we have planned a secret project to completely tear down and restore/modernize an ASC McLaren.

Why an ASC McLaren?

The ASC McLaren is a variant of the Fox Body Mustang and it just so happens that one of our employees has one that needed a lot of love. Ted Vaughn, the owner of the ASC, received the car from his nephew and owner of Late Model Restoration, Shannon Guderian. Shannon had owned the car multiple times throughout it's life and eventually passed the car on to Ted who daily drove it for multiple years. Due to the abuse that daily driving takes on vehicles and the harsh elements of Texas, the ASC developed rust spots, clear coat peel, and many other damages. Rather than let it get any worse, we decided that this was going to be the perfect candidate for our Fox Body restoration project.

How We Made it Work

To make this project even better, we kept the whole process a secret from Ted to surprise him with a fully restored ASC McLaren Capri when the project is complete. Ted was a part of the initial tear down and was expecting that the car would get a slight refresh, but little did he know what we had in store....

The Finished Product

In true LMR fashion, we finished out Project Mercury Rising with a set of custom painted SVE Series 1's as well as a few one-off parts specifically designed for this build. We also decided it wouldn't be a true LMR build if we didn't shove a Gen 2 Coyote engine in this 1985 ASC McLaren and welcome it to the 21st Century. Check out some shots of the finished build below and follow along as we show you what it took to build Uncle Ted's dream car! Fox Body Restoration: Project Mercury Rising | ASC McLaren - Fox Body Restoration: Project Mercury Rising | ASC McLaren Fox Body Restoration: Project Mercury Rising | ASC McLaren - Fox Body Restoration: Project Mercury Rising | ASC McLaren Fox Body Restoration: Project Mercury Rising | ASC McLaren - Fox Body Restoration: Project Mercury Rising | ASC McLaren
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Project Mercury Rising Episodes

Project Mercury Rising EP: 1 - Fox With A Foundation | ASC McLaren Restoration

In episode 1 of Mercury Rising, we take a look at the history of the ASC McLaren and how this Fox Body has found its way to LMR employee Ted Vaughn. Follow along weekly as we take you through this Fox Body restoration project that will bring new life into this ASC McLaren.

Project Mercury Rising EP: 2 - Disassembly Required | ASC McLaren Restoration

In episode 2 of Mercury Rising, we strip down the ASC McLaren and drop it off at C&C Collision for some much needed body work. Mercury Rising gets some much needed new body parts and a fresh coat of primer.

Project Mercury Rising EP: 3 - Body Builder | ASC McLaren Restoration

In episode 3 of Mercury Rising, we take the car to a remote location to get the car buttoned up before it heads off to paint. The ASC underwent a full 5.0Resto hardware restoration to ensure that everything is back to factory specs.

Project Mercury Rising EP: 4 - Primary Colors | ASC McLaren Restoration

In episode 4 of Mercury Rising, we get the ASC McLaren onto a rotisserie and deliver to the paint booth. Check out the beautiful color that was laid on every part of this Fox Body.

Project Mercury Rising EP: 5 - Piece By Piece | ASC McLaren Restoration

In episode 5 of Mercury Rising, the Capri takes a trip to a local body shop to get the last bit of body work it needs before paint. With a fresh coat of paint, the ASC heads back to the hideout for the full restoration.

Project Mercury Rising EP: 6 - If You Build It... | ASC McLaren Restoration

In episode 6 of Mercury Rising, we pick up where we left off after installing the front windshield and rear bubble glass. All new components were added to the vehicle to really modernize the ASC McLaren. The car was outfitted with a custom set of one-off wheels for the icing on the cake on the exterior.

Project Mercury Rising EP: 7 - Final Destination | ASC McLaren Restoration

In episode 7 of Mercury Rising, the ASC McLaren gets the final touches before being prepped for the grand reveal. Last minute touches included finishing up the interior, a new custom splitter, exhaust, and much more!

Project Mercury Rising EP: 8 - The Reveal | ASC McLaren Restoration

In episode 8 of Project Mercury Rising, the fully restored ASC McLaren is revealed to Uncle Ted. Family, friends, and LMR employees help to surprise Ted with the car and he takes it on it's maiden voyage.

How ASC McLaren Grew To A $500 Million Company - The Hank Huisman Interview

Hank Huisman sits down and gives us the history of how ASC McLaren grew to become a $500 million company and how it helped with our Mercury Rising Project.

About the Video

Project Mercury Rising Full Series Video | ASC McLaren Fox Body Coyote Swap

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Published on 2019-08-21
If you have been following along with our Project Mercury Rising, you have seen the total transformation of this ASC McLaren Fox Body from it's days as a worn out daily driver to a fully restored, coyote swap show car. Watch the full series in this all in one video!