1992-1996 OBS Bronco Hard Top Weatherstrip Replacement

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In this article, we will be showing how to install the factory hardtop weatherstrip for your 1992 to 1996 OBS Bronco.

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Replacing the weatherstrip on vehicles is bound to happen at some point during its life as the stuff just is designed to last forever.

The weatherstrip that we’re going to be replacing today on this 1996 Bronco is the top to body weatherstrip on the sides, the frontward seal that attaches to the top, the body side top weatherstrip, and the window runnel channel that’s located at the rear of the top.

Just because we can, you’ll also see us replace the speed nuts that serve as the attaching point for the top bolts.

The procedures shown today will be applicable for all 1992 to 1996 OBS Broncos with OEM hard tops.

1992-1996 Top To Body Weatherstrip Steps

  • To begin, you will need to remove the OEM hardtop from your Bronco. Check out our dedicated step-by-step guide for the Top Removal Procedure.

  • If you haven’t already done so, place the top upside down on something that won’t scratch the surface.

  • We’re going to start with the top to body weatherstrip first. Remove the four Phillips head screws at the rear of the weatherstrip.

  • Remove the single Phillips head screw at the front.

  • Starting at the front, lift up on the weatherstrip and use a razor blade at a 45-degree angle working in a back-and-forth motion to help with removal. Make sure you keep the blade flat against the surface and don’t hurt yourself.

  • Whenever you get to the rear portion of the weatherstrip, gently lift up to remove it.

  • Go back over this area with the razor blade to ensure most of the old adhesive has been removed and the surface is smooth. Do the same for the other side.

  • Start on either end of the frontward weatherstrip that’s attached to the top. This time, use a plastic scraping tool to help separate the weatherstrip from the top.

  • Work your way to the other end to fully remove this weatherstrip. Clean any remaining material with some adhesive remover and a microfiber towel.

  • Clean all surfaces where new adhesive will be installed with a prep spray, such as isopropyl alcohol.

  • Take your new top to body weatherstrip and dry-fit each one first, so you can make sure you have the correct side.

  • While test-fitting the weatherstrip, I noticed that it had to be stretched in order for the front to align properly.

  • We went ahead and installed three screws at the rear of the weatherstrip and a single screw at the front.

  • Take some low-tack painter's tape and place a short piece on the top and the weatherstrip. Draw a line or arrow on both pieces of tape.

  • We put four pieces of reference tape across the straight section of the weatherstrip.

  • Remove the screws from the rear only and bring the weatherstrip forward.

  • We suggest that you use 3M Black Super Weatherstrip and Gasket Adhesive. Part number 08008 for the large tube.

  • Apply some weatherstrip adhesive to the top first in between the first section of tape. The goal here is to put a thin layer that covers the entire surface area where the weatherstrip will make contact.

  • Spread the adhesive with some sort of tool. I found that a plastic knife worked great for this. Allow the adhesive to tack up for a few minutes.

  • Apply some adhesive to the bottom side of the weatherstrip between the first section of tape. You don’t have to spread this out.

  • Adhere the weatherstrip to the top, and make sure you align the arrows on your tape.

  • Pull the weatherstrip so that the marks on the tape align, and then Firmly press down on the weatherstrip for a minute or two until it creates a bond.

  • Repeat this down the entire length of the weatherstrip.

  • Once you reach the end, dry-fit this section so you know where to apply the adhesive.

  • Lift up the end piece and apply adhesive to the top.

  • Allow the adhesive time to tack and then apply adhesive to the underside of the weatherstrip.

  • Align the weatherstrip and quickly install all four screws.

  • Run these down until they make contact with the weatherstrip, and then turn them a little more until snug.

  • At the front of the weatherstrip, place a tap mark where the end of the weatherstrip is. Remove the screw and repeat the same steps for the adhesive as you’ve been doing.

  • Position the weatherstrip into place. If it helps, use a small pick top to help align the screw hole.

  • Remove the pick and reinstall the screw.

  • Because of the curvature of the top, you’ll need to apply pressure to this area for several minutes.

  • Once it tacks up, you can apply some low-tack painter's tape to help hold it down while you continue. Repeat these steps for the other side.

1992-1996 Front Of Top Weatherstrip Steps

  • Before installing the frontward top weatherstrip, test-fit it first.

  • Make note of the orientation and make sure the flat section installs against the small ledge on the top.

  • Whenever this is verified, apply some adhesive to the vertical section of the top and stop at the joint.

  • Spread the adhesive, and allow the adhesive to tack up for a few minutes.

  • Apply some adhesive to the bottom side of the weatherstrip.

  • Adhere the weatherstrip to the top and make sure the flat section is against the small ledge.

  • Firmly press down on the weatherstrip to create a good bond. Continue working the length of the weatherstrip in short chunks.

  • Whenever you reach the other side, trim away any overhang past the ledge with a sharp razor blade.

1992-1996 Body Side Top Weatherstrip Steps

  • The body side top weatherstrip is the easiest of them all to replace. You’ll simply remove the existing weatherstrip from the pinch weld.

  • Clean any dirt and debris from the area.

  • Align the new weatherstrip with the pinch weld and make sure that the plush side is facing towards the rear.

  • Install the new weatherstrip over the pinch weld and ensure that it fully seats as you make your way across the vehicle.

1992-1996 Top Window Run Channel Weatherstrip Steps

  • Now let’s switch gears to the window run channel installed at the rear of the top.

  • This piece of weatherstrip can be replaced with either the top removed or still on the truck.

  • Since we already have the top removed, we’re just going to go ahead and replace it.

  • I find that the easiest way to start is to pull the weatherstrip out of the channel from the center. Work your way out, and carefully remove the two push pins.

  • Do the same for the other side, and the weatherstrip can be fully removed.

  • If for some reason the push pins pulled through the weatherstrip, use the pry tool as leverage and carefully the push pins with a pair of needle nose pliers.

  • Take this time to vacuum any debris and wipe down the channel.

  • Dry-fit the new weatherstrip first.

  • You’ll know when you have this oriented correctly, as the lower sections of the weatherstrip will be parallel to the top to body weatherstrip. If it isn’t, you’ll know that you need to flip sides before you fully install it.

  • There is no certain way to install this piece of weatherstrip, so just start at one of the lower corners and install the push pin.

  • Install the second push pin and then begin working the weatherstrip into the c-channel. Now you can install the push pins on the other side.

  • Take a flat plastic pry tool and fully seat the weatherstrip into the c-channel. Do this for both sides of the weatherstrip.

  • Since this weatherstrip is new, you’ll notice that the back glass may struggle to roll up. This is completely normal after installing new weatherstrip. Over time, this will gradually get better.

  • Now you can check over your work and give the top a final once over, such as vacuuming the headliner or cleaning areas that you may have missed.

  • Conclusion

    Alright, folks! I hope this article helped you understand the top weatherstrip removal/installation process for all 1992-1996 OBS Bronco's.! If you need more details on this process, watch the video at the top of the page. For all things 1992-1996 Bronco, keep it right here with the real enthusiasts,!

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