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2015-18 Mustang GT Ford Racing X-Pipe Install

Posted 2/6/2015 by Jay Walling

Are you ready to shed weight, add power and make your 2015-18 S550 sound amazing? Ford Racing has you covered with their new resonator delete x-pipe assembly for your 2015-18 S550! Installation is straight forward, but you will require some special tools and a little bit of your time. Here is the how-to for the installation of your new Ford Racing off-road x-pipe.

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Check out this new Ford Racing X-Pipe here: Ford Racing 2015-18 Mustang X-Pipe

Tool List

  • Jack and stand set
  • Tape measure
  • Sharpie marker
  • Masking tape
  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves
  • Sawzall and sharp blade
  • File or sandpaper
  • 15 mm deep socket
  • Flat blade screwdriver

Removal and Installation

  1. Lift and support your vehicle with the jack and stands.
  2. Next, lift the factory resonator with a jack, from the outer edge of the welds measure 5” on both sides. Apply the masking tape to the rear of the mark for a guide line while cutting.
  3. Take your Sawzall and begin cutting on the line you have marked. (NOTE) Make sure to wear your safety glasses and gloves while cutting!!! Remove all left over tape and de-bur the freshly cut pipe.
  4. To remove the resonator, take the 15 mm socket and loosen both exhaust sleeves. Take the flathead screwdriver and lift on the small flange to release the sleeve from the tab.
  5. Lower your jack and remove the factory resonator.
  6. Next, take your new Ford Racing X-Pipe and transfer the exhaust sleeves over.
  7. Slide the sleeves over the small tabs and tighten them down.
  8. With the supplied True Seal clamps, fold them over and loosely thread on the nuts. Take them and slide them over the intermediate pipe. Align the X-pipe and the intermediate pipes together and tighten the clamps with the 15 mm socket.
  9. Start the vehicle and check for any noticeable leaks, lower the car and ENJOY!

Installation was a breeze and not to mention, we lost 15 lbs off the car removing the factory resonator assembly. The quality 409 stainless construction will give us years of flawless operation, while improving overall sound and power. Don’t forget, for everything 2015-17 Mustang related check out LMR.com.

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About the Video

Mustang GT Ford Racing X-Pipe Install & Sound Clips (2015-2018 5.0L)

Check out our YouTube channel for even more tech tips, installation videos, how-tos, and more. The best place to go for anything Mustang related!

Published on 2015-01-26
In this video we review the much anticipated Ford Racing Off-Road X-Pipe, as well as show you the installation process step-by-step!

This X-pipe will feature 409 stainless steel construction, a simple cut & clamp design, and the OEM fit and finish Ford Racing is known for. By deleting the restrictive factory resonator, you’ll be able to give your Mustang and aggressive exhaust sound and save a little weight! NO tune is required and as an added bonus, it knocks off 15 pounds from your S550! The factory resonator weighs in at 23 pounds where-as the Ford Racing X-pipe tips the scale at only 8! The x-pipe will come with 2 Tru-seal clamps as well as detailed installation instructions.
[MUSIC PLAYING] What's up everyone? Landan here with latemodelrestoration.com. And today, I'm going to be checking out and installing Ford Racing's off-road X-Pipe for the 2015 Mustang GT. This X-Pipe will feature 409 stainless steel construction, a simple cut and clamp design, and the OEM fit and finish Ford Racing is known for. By deleting the restrictive factory resonator, you'll be able to give your Mustang an aggressive exhaust sound and save a little weight. No tune is required, and as an added bonus, it knocks off 15 pounds from your S550.

The factory resonator weighs in at 23 pounds, whereas the Ford Racing X-Pipe tips the scale at only 80. The X-Pipe will come with two True Seal clamps as well as detailed installation instructions. Now let's go ahead and show you how to install the Ford Racing X-Pipe onto your 2015 5.0Resto.

Start by supporting the car via a lift or jack and jack stand. Put the car in the air, support the factory resonator with a spare jack or jack stand. From the outer edge of the wheel, on the resonator, measure out five inches. Mark it, and apply masking tape to give you a clean, straight-edge to cut. Grab some safety glasses and gloves, and begin cutting the pipe with a saw. Use caution, as the intermediate pipe will come down quick once you make the cut.

Go ahead to do the same for the other side. Remove any leftover tape, and then file down any rough areas. To remove the resonator, loosen both exhaust sleeves with a 15 millimeter deep socket. Using a flat-head screwdriver, ply back on the small flange to release the [INAUDIBLE] from the tab. Get your jack or jack stand out of the way and then remove the resonator from the car.

Transfer both exhaust sleeves to the Ford Racing X-Pipe and slide it over the factory down pipes. Slide the sleeves back over the small tab and tighten down the nuts. With the included True Seal clamps, fold them over and loosely thread the nuts. Slide it over the intermediate pipe, align both the X-Pipe and intermediate pipe together. Then, slide the clamp over the X-Pipe and tighten down the True Seal clamps, put the 15 millimeter deep socket. Double check your work, and you're all finished.

The Ford Racing off-road X-Pipe installed effortlessly and fit like a glove. For the little money spent, this is a great way to add an aggressive tone all while keeping the factory mufflers in place. This will allow you to run an Axle-Back exhaust kit of your choice. For example, we already installed the popular Roush Axle-Back onto our 2015 Mustang, which can be viewed by clicking the link below or in the description. All right guys, I'm going to cut the chatter. Let's get to the good stuff.

We're going to get the car outside and let you listen to the a few red line revs before and after the X-Pipe. Then we'll jump in our 2015 Mustang, let you know what it sounds like from inside the car.



When riding the car with just the Roush Axle-Back, I was pretty unsure of how much drone there would be with the Ford Racing X-Pipe. Surprisingly, there's really not any drone at all. We're going about 60, 65 miles an hour, about 2,000 RPM. Which to me is considered the drone zone. And it sounds almost the same as if you add the Roush Axle-Backs.


You can definitely tell the sound improvement, that's for sure. But like I said, no drone.


OK. Let's go ahead, and we'll downshift it here, get our RPMs up a little bit. All right. We're going about 50 miles an hour, and this would be about a 4,000 RPM watch.


Nice and smooth. Man, these Roush Axle-Backs really come alive. Well guys, an overall breakdown on how the Ford Racing X-Pipe sounds overall from outside the car and inside the car. I mean, outside, it's just awesome. I mean, it's loud, it's to the point. People know you're there. And moving to the inside of the car, it's very mellow. While cruising or, you know, at idle. And then when you open it up, it's there. And that's where it needs to be. And don't forget, for everything 2015 Mustang, subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can pick up your Ford Racing X-Pipe at latemodelrestoration.com.