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Mustang LED 3rd Brake Light Install

Created by Jeff Jimenez
Last Updated 10/14/2020

Replace your faded Mustang 3rd brake light with our LED kit. Watch the installation video here!

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We already changed the headlights and the tail lights to enhance the this V6 Mustang. The 3rd brake light was really faded and so it was time to change it out also. I was going to replace it with a Ford one until I noticed how expensive they were. At that price Ford must be about to discontinue them so I started checking other options. We chose the SDT-13613B smoked LED third brake light, which is super bright when lit and dark when unlit to match the black car perfectly.

Mustang LED 3rd Brake Light Install - 3rd Brake Light

New Edge Mustang LED Third Brake Lights:

For installation you will need to open the trunk and look at the underside of the lid. The first thing that I did was remove the trunk light bulb because it will get hot really quick and you will have to remove it later. You will need a10mm socket to remove the nuts that hold the housing on.

99-04 Mustang High Performance Lighting Install

After removing the 3rd brake light, you will need to twist the connectors to remove them from the housing, including the socket for the trunk light.

99-04 Mustang High Performance Lighting Install

I separated the harness from the vehicle by disconnecting the connector inside the trunk lid on the left side, and took the harness to the work bench. You will need to peel the backing off the new rubber seal and place it on the new assembly to seal out the weather. The light bulbs are all taken out and then the LED connectors simply plug into the connectors. I tucked all the wires into the new assembly as the pictures show.

99-04 Mustang High Performance Lighting Install
99-04 Mustang High Performance Lighting Install
99-04 Mustang High Performance Lighting Install

Connect the harness back to car and install the light back into the lid. Tighten up the nuts and reinstall the trunk light bulb. You are done and ready to test them. They are bright and the dark lens looks awesome.

99-04 Mustang High Performance Lighting Install
99-04 Mustang High Performance Lighting Install

I am happy with the choice. The LED's really show up well at night and were easy to install. It really makes my Mustang look new again!

Smoked Brake Light For Sale!

About the Video

Mustang LED Third Brake Light Installation: 99-04 ( SN95 )

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Published on 2013-02-28
Follow along in this video as Jmac shows you how to remove and install a 99-04 (New Edge SN95) Mustang 3rd brake light. Faded and weathered Mustang third brake lights are a common issue on the 99-04 Mustangs. Since the brake light wraps around to the top of the trunk/deck lid, the top of the 3rd brake light is subject to direct UV/sunlight. This UV light damage typically causes fading, cracking and peeling of the protective coat on the third brake light.

LatemodelRestoration.com offers both OEM Ford original Mustang brake lights and LED (L.E.D.) brake lights that are available in chrome, smoked and factory style. In this video Jmac uses the 1999-04 Mustang LED 3rd Brake Light – Factory Style to completely transform the looks of this 04 Mustang Pony Package V6.

These brake lights install on all V6, GT, 99-01 Cobras and Mach 1 model 99-04 Mustangs. The 03-04 SVT Cobra third brake light is built into the Cobra’s special spoiler. No matter what your Mustang lighting needs are, Latemodel Restoration has you covered with a full lineup of Mustang headlight, brake light, tail light and many other lighting options. All our lights are backed by a NO HASSLE WARRANTY.

Not only did 99 to 04 Mustangs have problems with their headlights, the third brake light is a problem area as well. It also completely fades over and doesn't allow light to transfer. And really looks kind of like garbage. Replacing it is super easy. All you have to do is pop the trunk and gain access.

You'll want to remove the electrical connector and then remove the two retaining nuts that hold the third break light to the trunk. Now those two retaining nuts are 10 millimeter. Go ahead and remove those now.

Then you pull up on the third brake light and remove it from the trunk lid. Now you have to remove this whole harness from the original third brake light and transfer it to your new one. Start by twisting your deck lid bulb there. Pull up on your connector. You can remove that out of the way. Twist that bulb and remove that connector. Twist that bulb and remove that connector.

Now you want to go ahead and remove all of the bulbs from the harness. Reason being is our SVE third brake light is LED powered. It doesn't need incandescent bulbs. Now before you get started, you're going to want to pull off the double sided adhesive for your third brake lights seal and actually stick it to the housing.

Now the large side will go toward the bottom of the third brake light. Just stick it on all the way down that way you have no water intrusion. And you want to take a pair of pliers, and on all the connectors squeeze down your metal contact points. Right out of the box and they're not cramped down all the way, and it's going to make it a little bit harder to install these LED connectors into your existing bulb harness.

Once you're done with that, you take your bulb harness, snap your main harness connector end into place, slide your wiring connector or your wiring harness through the little retainer there, grab your first connector, pop it into the socket, and tuck your wiring in. And you can actually snap the bulb connector into place. Go ahead and snap your deck lid connector. Twist it in and slide your bulb back into the deck lid connector there.

Tuck the final piece of the harness down into its retainer, and you can take your new third brake light and slide it into the deck lid. Now you can reuse your existing nuts to retain the new third brake light to your deck lid. And once you get it tightened down, plug-in your harness connector, shut your trunk lid, and test for proper operation. And we have a completely lit up LED section. Now for more exterior lighting products and tips, check out latemodelrestoration.com.


Mustang LED 3rd Brake Light Install Tech Info

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