Mustang & Lightning Dyno Videos

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Date Created: 11/1/2022
Last Updated: 5/17/2023

Browse LMR's variety of dyno videos ranging from high mileage to high-performance 1979-current Mustangs as well as 1993-95 & 1999-04 Ford Lightnings!

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Mustang & Lightning Dyno Articles - Mustang & Lightning Dyno Articles

Fox Body Mustang Dynos

Watch all of our Fox Body Mustang dyno videos here! We have an epic collection of popular 1979-93 Mustangs on dyno. These include a low mileage 1993 SVT Coba, a Gen 2 Coyote swapped ASC McLaren, supercharged Fox Body Mustangs, and even a 4-cylinder 1979 Ghia.

94-04 SN95 Mustang Dynos

Are you curious how much horsepower some 1994-04 Mustangs make on the dyno? We have plenty of SN95 and New Edge Mustang dyno videos to keep busy. Don't miss out on some of our most popular ones, such as our 2000 Cobra R dyno video or our Coyote Swapped race car dyno. We even have a few 94-01 SVT Cobras and Terminator dyno videos.

05-14 S197 Mustang Dynos

Looking to compare your 2005-14 Mustang against a few of our Stangs on the dyno? We have plenty of S197 Mustang dyno videos for you to binge-watch! We everything from heavily modified Shelby GT500s to supercharged Mustang GTs for you to enjoy.

15-23 S550 Mustang Dynos

Crank up the volume! We have a ton of S550 Mustang dyno videos for you to enjoy. You do not want to miss out on some of our most popular videos, such as our twin turbo Mustang GT dyno video, or check out what a 2020 Shelby GT500 can put down on the rollers. If nitrous of supercharged GT cars are more of your style, we have plenty of those videos.

2024 Mustang Dynos

99-04 Lightning Dynos

Other Vehicles

We often have some other amazing Ford-powered vehicle pass through our building occasionally. We have had the privilege to toss a few of them on the dyno. That just means you get to enjoy some fun videos. Those include the 2021 Ford Broncos and classic Shelby GT350s.

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