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Cody Schoppe's "Project Maynardstang" Hits The Dyno!

Created by Jay Walling
Date Created: 11/1/2021
Last Updated: 12/13/2022

Today, we dyno Cody Schoppe's 1993 Fox Body! Follow along as Cody tells us his story and how he's raising awareness with Muscular Dystrophy and to dyno his car!

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For this dyno article, we will be covering our friends of the LMR family, the Schoppes. Cody and his father Scott picked up this 1993 Foxbody Convertible Mustang as a father and son project to help raise awareness of Muscular Dystrophy. Check out below for more pics, dyno technical data, and of course, the dyno results!

Cody Schoppe

Also, check out Cody's website PROJECT MAYNARDSTANG to learn more about his story and how mile by mile, the Schoppe family will help support and raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Cody took his passion for raising awareness of muscle disease and disabilities in general combined with his passion for cars. Project Maynardstang raises funds and awareness for Muscular Dystrophy and the disabled. On Project Maynardstang, you will also see car content, Mustang content, Disability content, and Muscular Dystrophy content. Content is received through our A Day in A Life YouTube Videos, Motivation Monday Posts, Talk with Maynard Tuesday Podcast, Wheel Wednesday Posts, Think about it Thursday Videos, Fun Fact Friday Posts, and Summary Saturday Blogs.

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  • Cody Schoppe

Dyno Technical Data

  • SVE 17-inch Saleen SC Wheel
  • Ford AOD Automatic Transmission So Dyno Pull Will Be Made In 3rd Gear
  • 4.10 Rear-End Gear
  • Factory Driveshaft
  • Ford Performance E303 Camshaft
  • BBK Cold Air Intake
  • 93 Octane Fuel
  • BBK Shorty Headers
  • OEM Ford 5.0 Longblock

Dyno Results

Cody Schoppe

Here are the results! Cody's '93 Mustang produced 185 RWHP at 4600 RPM and 266 RWTQ at 3300 RPM. With the AOD transmission and the higher drivetrain loss figured in, these numbers are right on the money with other similar 5.0L Fox's. As always, keep a lookout for more dyno articles and videos right here at LMR.com. Shop our featured Fox Mustang Performance Parts below!

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About the Video

Cody Schoppe's "Project Maynardstang" Hits The Dyno!

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Published on 2021-10-26
Our friend Cody Schoppe brought his 1993 Fox Body or as he calls it, "Ugly Betty", by LMR for us to dyno! Follow along as Cody tells us his story and how he's raising awareness with Muscular Dystrophy and to see how much power his Fox Body makes!

Check out Project Maynardstang and all of his social channels below!

Website: https://www.projectmaynardstang.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc3yrFeJYb3dX6IyBehKIcQ
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/projectmaynardstang/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/projectmaynardstang
Twitter: https://twitter.com/projectmaynard1

Learn more about Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy | https://latemodelres.to/DuchenneMuscularDystrophy

Intro | 0:00
About Cody & His Story | 0:19
What's On The Fox | 3:05
Dyno Run | 3:39
Project Maynardstang | 5:43
Final Thoughts | 6:07

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