Fox Body Cold Air/Factory Intakes

Shop Late Model Restoration for the best selection of Fox Body cold air intakes! Restore your Fox Body with a factory-style intake for period-correct looks.

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1986-93 Mustang Fox Body Cold Air Intake Kits

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How To Remove & Install Fox Body Mustang Mass Air Mounting Bracket | 86-93

This bracket not only serves as a replacement for mass air cars from 89-93, but also serves as a replacement for 86-88 speed density cars that are converting to Mass Air and are wanting to install a bracket to complete this conversion properly. In this article and video we are performing the removal and ins...

How To Install Fox Body Mustang Cold Air Intake (89-93 5.0L)

Help your Fox Body Mustang make more horsepower! Watch our installation video as we install a Cold Air Intake on our Stang.

5.0 Resto Factory Air Box Install & Removal

Learn how to install & remove your factory air box on your 1986-93 Fox Body Mustang. This is also useful if you are needing to replace your aftermarket cold air intake with a factory style setup.

Installing a 1979-1993 Mustang Fox Body cold air intake or factory intake is a great way to get your Fox Body making more power as well as improve your engine bay. Late Model Restoration Fox Body cold air intake kits relocate the air filter outside of the engine compartment, drawing in cooler air that results in more horsepower for your Fox Body Mustang. Want to keep the filter in the engine bay? Grab a 5.0 Resto factory intake kit to restore your engine bay to showroom condition! These intake kits are an easy way to give your Fox Body engine bay a cleaner look while giving you a few extra horses.