William's 268,000 Mile 1999 Cobra Dyno Pull

Created by Jay Walling
Date Created: 10/25/2021
Last Updated: 12/9/2022

William's Cobra is not your everyday low mileage 4V, this 268,000 mile 99' Cobra has some time on the clock so lets see how much it makes!

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For this dyno article, we will be covering our employee William's 1999 SVT Cobra! This Mustang has 268,000 miles on it, so we will be covering what kind of power it is making! Check out below for more pics, dyno technical data, and of course, the dyno results!


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Dyno Technical Data

  • SVT 17-inch Factory Wheel
  • T45 5-Speed Transmission So Dyno Pull Will Be Made In 4th Gear (1:1 ratio)
  • 3.73 Rear-End Gear
  • Stock Driveshaft
  • JLT Cold Air Intake
  • Off-Road X-Pipe
  • Muffler Delete
  • Underdrive Pulley Set
  • 93 Octane Fuel

Dyno Results


Here are the results! William's 1999 SVT Cobra produced a respectable 291 RWHP at 6100 RPM and 291 RWTQ at 4400 RPM. For the number of miles this Mustang has seen, these numbers are not too bad honestly. We hope this dyno gave you some more insight on just what these 99-01 SVT Cobras are capable of. As always keep a lookout for more dyno articles and videos right here at Shop our featured 99-04 Mustang Cobra Parts below!

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William's 268,000 Mile 1999 Cobra | Dyno Pull

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Published on 2020-09-15
Time to dyno another one of our employee's Mustangs! Today we dyno William's 1999 Cobra with 268,000 miles!! Damn! So follow along and see how much power this Cobra really makes after all those miles!

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