Ford Racing Aluminator XS Engine Dyno

Watch us dyno Ford Racing's ultimate 5.0L Coyote crate engine the Aluminator XS Motor!

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To give our SVE Pace Car a great foundation for future modifications, we turned to Ford Performance to supply us with the ultimate 5.0L Coyote Motor - better known as the Aluminator XS Crate Engine. This 5.0L 4V motor is essentially a Boss 302 crate engine on steroids. It features just about every Ford Racing engine component bolted onto a fully forged short block.

Once the engine was installed in our 2011 GT, we decided to put Ford Performance's 500 horsepower claims to the test! After two pulls on the dyno and some tune adjustments, we made an impressive 457 HP and 388 Ft. TQ. Considering drivetrain losses at 10%, the Ford Racing 500 HP claims are spot on. This completely forged internal motor will make for a perfect foundation for future performance mods no matter what we decide to throw at it!

Some of the performance parts that go into the Aluminator XS engine include:

  • 11.0:1 compression ratio
  • M-6550-M50BINT intake camshaft - 13mm lift / 263 degrees duration
  • M-6550-M50BEXH exhaust camshaft - 13mm lift / 290 degrees duration
  • M-6675-M50BR 12 quart rear sump oil pan
  • M-6600-50CJ High Performance billet steel oil pump
  • M-9424-M50CJ Cobra Jet Intake Manifold
  • M-9926-CJ65 Cobra Jet throttle body
  • Boss 302 Fully CNC ported aluminum heads
  • M-6513-M50BR Boss valve springs
  • Production Boss 302 crankshaft damper
  • And Plenty more Ford Racing Performance Parts!

Ford Racing Aluminator XS Engine Dyno - Ford Racing Aluminator XS Engine Dyno
Ford Racing Aluminator XS Engine Dyno - Ford Racing Aluminator XS Engine Dyno

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Aluminator XS Powered 2011 Mustang GT Dyno | M-6007-A50XS Crate Engine

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Published on 2021-05-03
Our legendary "Paceboss" is up on the dyno! This car has seen a lot of changes over the years and we're constantly adding modifications to this build. So follow along and enjoy this dyno run!


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