First Stock 2018 Mustang GT Dyno Numbers

Late Model Restoration takes delivery of one of the first 2018 Mustangs and provides the first 2018 Mustang GT Dyno numbers! See what power it made!

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  • First 2018 Mustang GT Dyno Numbers

As soon as we found out a 2018 Mustang had hit the ground, we flew two employees to Ohio to pick it up. Being the real Mustang enthusiasts, LMR had to get our hands on one of the first new S550s to give you guys the best content! Our team drove the car straight through from Ohio to Texas and the car immediately hit our dyno. With a little over a thousand miles on the car from the drive, we strapped it down and let it rip!

This 2018 Mustang GT is equipped with a 10-speed automatic which exceeded our expectations on the drive home. While a manual transmission would be fun, we really wanted to push the limits and test the 10-speed auto!

2018 Mustang GT Stock Factory Dyno Numbers

  • 415 Horsepower
  • 397 Torque

First 2018 Mustang GT Dyno Numbers - First 2018 Mustang GT Dyno Numbers

While these numbers are super impressive for a factory car, we are eager to make much more! Stay tuned as we throw the book at this car and test the limits!

About the Video

FIRST 2018 Mustang GT 10 Speed Performance Pack Dyno -

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Published on 2017-10-30 is honored to provide the world with the FIRST dyno numbers of a 2018 GT with the new 10 speed automatic transmission!

This car does have the level 1 performance package and is rated at 460HP and 420LB/TQ at the fly wheel.

Stock Dyno Pull: 415HP/397TQ at SAE
- 93 Octane
- 10 Speed Automatic (7th Gear Pull at 1:1)
- 19" Rear Wheel w/ 275/40/19 Michelin Pilot Sports
- TOTALLY Stock Car

The car's VSS did limit us on our pull. This is why you see car tap out at 6600 RPMs. The redline for the 2018 Mustang GT is 7500. On that note, the car does have room on the table for potentially more power!