Roush® Parts and Accessories Limited Warranty - LMR

  • Unless stated otherwise in this limited warranty, ROUSH® is solely responsible for servicing the Part(s) during the Warranty Period, therefore, please call 1-800-59-ROUSH (1-800-597-6874) when you require warranty service for any Part(s).
  • ROUSH® or its authorized service providers is solely responsible for providing warranty service on valid warranty claims on Part(s) that are submitted for service during the Warranty Period, as permitted by law. You may be responsible for shipping and handling charges if the Part(s) cannot be serviced in the country it is in. In accordance with applicable law, we may require that you furnish proof of purchase details and/or comply with registration requirements before receiving warranty service. Please refer to the accompanying documentation for more details on this and other matters on obtaining warranty service.
To see the full warranty guide to view terms and length of warranty, download the PDF here: ROUSH PERFORMANCE - Limited Warranty