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SVE Starter Warranty Information - LMR.com

Warranty Contact Info:

If you have a warranty concern or question, please contact us via phone at (254) 296-6500 or via email at productsupport@lmr.com.

SVE Starter Limited Warranty
LMR.com warrants its SVE Starters to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for as long as they remain installed on the vehicle for which they were originally purchased under the ownership of the original purchaser. Any SVE Starter found to be defective shall be replaced at the sole discretion of LMR.com. This warranty is not transferable and will be voided under the following conditions:

  • Failure due to faulty wiring - including, but not limited to - poor connections, moisture intrusion due to improper connector sealing, shorts due to improper wire routing or protection, and/or improper wire gauge.
  • A faulty starter relay allowing the starter to stay engaged or a starter that was intentionally over engaged due to a no-start condition.
  • Improper/negligent installation causing damage to threads, mounts, and/or connectors.
  • If LMR.com determines that the starter was improperly installed or modified in any way from its original design.
  • Vehicle collision or collateral damage form other failed components.

This warranty applies only to SVE Starters which have been installed in accordance with accepted industry standards by a mechanically competent individual or a recognized service dealer and certified technician. Cost of removal, installation, and incidental or consequential damage are expressly excluded. A warranty claim must be initiated with LMR.com prior to any SVE Starter return or replacement.

For more information on this Limited Warranty or to initiate a warranty claim, dial 254-296-6500 or email productsupport@lmr.com.