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Tremec Transmission Limited Warranty - LMR.com

Warranty Contact Info:
If you purchased your Tremec Transmission from LMR.com and have a warranty concern or question, please contact Tremec directly via phone at (800) 401-9866 or via email at customer.service@tremec.com.

Tremec Transmission Limited Warranty

WHAT IS COVERED: TREMEC components and equipment (the “Product”) are covered under a Limited Warranty for 12 months from date of invoice purchase with unlimited mileage allowed during those 12 months. TREMEC will repair or replace, at its sole option, any TREMEC Product that upon inspection is found to have defective materials or workmanship. TREMEC may use new or refurbished parts for replacement. TREMEC Warranty is valid to the original End User and may be transferred to subsequent owners.

WHAT IS NOT COVERED: TREMEC Warranty does not cover any components or equipment that are not produced or sold by TREMEC. Examples include but are not limited to clutch, flywheel, non-TREMEC shifter, and driveshaft. This warranty also does not cover the costs of any work or repairs that might be caused by use or installation of any parts from any manufacturer besides TREMEC.

TREMEC Warranty does not cover the costs of damage or conditions caused by fire or accident; by abuse, negligence, or misuse (including but not limited to: overloading or racing the vehicle); by improper installation, modifications not authorized by TREMEC, insufficient maintenance; or damage caused by road salt or other corrosive materials.

TREMEC Warranty does not cover Product installed on a vehicle used for racing or competition, nor does it cover repairs of any damage or conditions caused by racing or competition.

TREMEC Warranty does not cover the costs of repairing or replacing any Product or part due to damage caused by poor or improper maintenance, or the use of oils, lubricants or fluids of a type other than those recommended by TREMEC for your specific model of Transmission.

TREMEC Warranty does not cover the costs of repairing damage caused by environmental factors or Acts of God. “Environmental factors” include, but are not limited to, chemicals, salt, and road hazards. “Acts of God” include, but are not limited to, floods, lightning, tornadoes, sandstorms and earthquakes.

To the extent allowed under applicable law, TREMEC Warranty does NOT cover any incidental or consequential damages connected with the failure of the TREMEC Product under warranty. Such damages include but are not limited to lost time; inconvenience; loss of the use of your vehicle; cost of rental vehicles; fuel; telephone; travel or lodging; loss of personal or commercial property; or the loss of revenue.