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Graphic Express Warranty - LMR.com

Warranty Contact Info:
If you have a warranty concern or question, please contact Graphic Express via phone at (352) 341-0077 or via email at techservices@graphic-express.com.

Graphic Express Warranty

Graphic Express manufactures quality products and warranties such products as necessary to provide customers with the performance that these products are expected to give under normal use provided that they are installed in accordance with installation instructions provided. Graphic Express handles warranty problems on an individual basis. Graphic Express does not warranty decals against peeling, misuse or negligence.

Graphic Express does not warranty the installation of any product sold. Peeling or lifting problems are contributed to poor preparation and cleaning and are NOT warranted. Graphic Express guarantees all products sold against cracking, fading and discoloration. This is a limited warranty and verification of the problem will be needed to validate the warranty. This warranty applies to the person or company who originally purchased product only. Graphic Express has a limited 3-year warranty for these problems.

Before installation, inspect the the product thoroughly. Wrinkles, bubbles, misalignment and product not sticking are NOT defects they are installation issues and are NOT warrantied. If you suspect a defect, please notify Graphic Express before installation. After it is installed, it is too late. Graphic Express does not guarantee the installation of the product.

  • Within 1 year = Free Replacement Free Shipping - Same product and color only

  • 2nd Year = 75% reimbursement (same product) - No free shipping

  • 3rd Year = 50% reimbursement (same product) - No free shipping

    NOTE: PHOTOS AND SAMPLES OF VINYL BY CUSTOMER MAY BE REQUIRED. In case of vinyl discoloration, a substitute may be allowed by Graphic Express. Warranted applies to the person or company who originally purchased product only.