Magnaflow Exhuast Warranty Information -

Warranty Contact Info:
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Magnaflow Exhaust Warranty
Magnaflow offers a different warranty for each finish and metal material. They are listed below.

  • Finish: Black - 1 year Warranty
  • Construction: Aluminized - 1 Year Warranty
  • Construction: Stainless - Lifetime Warranty
  • Mufflers: Lifetime warranty
  • Cat-Backs: Lifetime warranty

  • The manufacturer warrants that all Magnaflow Performance Products are free from defects. Most of Magnaflow's exhaust systems are warranted against blowouts and defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle on which it was originally installed. The warranty is void if the performance exhaust products are not installed properly on the vehicle for which it is designed.

    Warranty does not apply to any exhaust product which has been installed on any commercial or racing vehicle or which has been improperly installed, altered, or subjected to misuse or damage from accidents.

  • Cost of labor and any additional parts required to complete installation of a replacement product are not covered by this warranty.

  • Catalytic Converter Warranties

    Original Warranty Certificate and Installation Statement: To be completely filled out by installer and returned to manufacturer. Include dealer name, complete address and phone number. Include customer name, complete address and phone number. Vehicle make, year, model, engine size, mileage and date must be filled out. The part number installed must be filled out. The Installation Statement must be completed by installer, stating the reason for replacement. Vehicle owner and installer must sign and date the Warranty Certificate /Installation Statement.

    Catalytic Converter Warranty Statement Installer’s Copy: To be retained by Installer with copy of the invoice for six (6) months.

    Customer’s Copy: To be retained by the vehicle owner.

    Catalytic Converters are emission control devices which are designed to last the life of the vehicle and do not normally require replacement. Furthermore, if the vehicle is properly used and maintained, original converters are covered by the emission control warranty for 8 years or 80,000 miles. Federal law prohibits repair businesses from replacing these devices except under certain limited circumstances. In order to verify that proper circumstances exist, the owner of the vehicle on which such repairs are made and a facility representative must sign the required statements on the warranty card. To avoid failing a warranty audit, please follow the instructions to ensure the new cards are filled out correctly and distributed accordingly.