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US Shift Warranty - LMR.com

Warranty Contact Info:
If you have a warranty concern or question, please contact US Shift via phone at 1-864-646-8920 or via email at support@usshift.com.

US Shift 5-Year Warranty/ Repair Warranty

With an extremely low manufacturing defect rate, a five-year full replacement / repair warranty, and the best technical support in the industry, you can be confident in choosing US Shifts products. In the unlikely event that you do require warranty repair to your controller, you can be sure that US Shift will fix it promptly (within two business days) and get it back to you ASAP. US Shift understands that your vehicle is out of service and their goal is to minimize your inconvenience. Since US Shift's mission is to make sure that their product is working properly in your vehicle, they do not take shortcuts in the area of repair and customer service. If US Shift suspects that there may be an intermittent problem with your controller, they will not simply send it back if it passes a test. If they feel that there is any possibility of a "hidden" problem within your controller, US Shift will replace the entire printed circuit board to ensure that it is functioning as intended. Because of their robust product design and low defect rate, they enjoy an extremely low return rate (less than 1%), allowing us to give each returned case the time and effort that it deserves. US Shift's up-front investment in quality minimizes cost and inconvenience for everyone.