05-09 Mustang Hurst Shifter Install

Check out LMR's 2005-2009 Mustang shifter install using a Hurst Billet Short Throw Shifter. This will help your Mustang shift better & add needed styling.

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Is your stock S197 Mustang shifter causing missed gears at the drag strip? Maybe it feels too sloppy even during normal driving. No worries! Late Model Restoration has a complete line of Mustang short throw shifters for 2005-2009 Mustangs. These include: Hurst, Ford Racing, Steeda, Barton Industries and many more. Follow along in the video as Jmac shows you how to install a new performance shifter in your Pony! If written instructions are more of your thing, read away below.

S197 Mustang Stock Shifter Removal:

  1. Unscrew the stock shift knob
  2. Pull up on the shift boot and pop it out of place
  3. Pull out the lower rubber dust boot from the floor pan
  4. Lift the Mustang and support it with jack stands
  5. Remove the 13mm hex nut that holds the linkage rod to the shifter. Save the nut for later!
  6. Remove the forward 10mm bolt that attaches the stock assembly to the side of the transmission
  7. Unscrew the two 10mm hex nuts that support the rear of the shifter
  8. Remove the rear bracket from the rubber isolator. You will reuse this.
  9. Lower the shift assembly down and work it back through the hole in the transmission tunnel.
  10. Remove the shifter from the inside of your Stang

S197 Aftermarket Shifter Install:

  1. Remove the metal sleeves from the stock assembly and transfer them to the new shifter
  2. Remove the two plastic bushings from the bottom of the handle head and transfer them to the new shift assembly
  3. Lower the shifter down into position from inside your Stang.
  4. Once aligned, loosely tighten the front bolt that holds the whole assembly to the transmission case.
  5. Install and completely tighten the two rear 10mm support nuts
  6. Install your linkage rod, retaining nut and completely torque them down
  7. Now you can torque down the forward bolt
  8. Climb back inside your Stang and it is time to adjust the shift stops
  9. Put your shift lever into 4th gear and tighten the stop until it touches the shift lever
  10. Back off the stop slightly and take 3/16 allen head wrench and a 14mm wrench to lock the stop into place.
  11. Repeat this process on 3rd gear and you are done adjusting your shift stops.
  12. Take the neoprene insulator pads that Hurst supplies and install your chrome shift handle to the lower shift lever. Use the two supplied 7/32 allen head bolts.
  13. You can now reinstall the lower shift boot into the floor pan
  14. Next take the rubber handle boot grommet and install it over the handle
  15. You can now install the outer shift boot over the handle
  16. Take the jam nut and screw it all the way down on the shift handle
  17. Screw the shift knob all the way down and then back it off to where the shift pattern is where you like it

There you go. Your Hurst Billet Plus Shifter is now installed. You will have less shifter slop, short shift throws and you will give your Pony some retro styling with classic Hurst chrome shift handle and white shift knob!

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S197 Mustang Shifter Install - Hurst (2005-09)

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Published on 2013-04-22
It's time to improve your 05-09 S197 Mustang's sloppy stock shifter. Replace that worn out stock shifter with an aftermarket Mustang short throw shifter such as Hurst, Barton Industries, Steeda, Pro 5.0 and more available at Don't forget to add a new trick Mustang shift knob to give your Pony that distinctive look.

Follow along in the video as Jmac shows you how to install a shifter in your 05-09 Mustang. carries short throw shifters for the following year model

Ford Mustang - 2005 (05) - 2006 (06) - 2007 (07) - 2008 (08) - 2009 (09). These cover the following models - V6, GT, Bullitt, Shelby GT500 Mustangs!
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Improving shift feel and reducing shift throw is normally at the top of the list and one of the first mods any manual transmission mustang owner makes. This is especially true for 05-10 s197 mustangs with manual transmissions - particularly Mustang GTs.

0:00:17 - 0:00:45
Today we're going to be installing the Hurst billet plus shifter for S197 Mustang GTs. Which gets its name from its sturdy billet aluminum construction. It is also fitted with good polyurethane bushings to get rid of some of that slop and reduces shift throw. Even though the Tremec 3650 5 speed transmissions that were installed in 05-10 S197 mustangs had internal shift stops, on the billet plus shifter Hurst went a little bit further and added external shift stops for a little bit of extra protection.

0:00:45 - 0:01:10
the Hurst billet plus short throw shifter includes the shift assembly, the signature Hurst white shift knob, a chrome handle and comes with new attaching hardware, neoprene insulators and a new handle grommet and tie strap to hold it into place. Also in the box are detailed set of instructions and a couple of Hurst logo stickers for your tool box, refrigerator, windows or wherever you want to stick them.

0:01:10 - 0:01:31
As always installation of your new parts begins with the removal of the old. Take out the old shift knob by unscrewing it counterclockwise. Pop the shifter boot up out of place. Then remove the boot from the handle. Take out the rubber dust boot from the shift stick by pulling it up and out of the floor pan and sliding it over the shift lever.

0:01:31 - 0:02:13
Lift the Mustang. Grab a thirteen millimeter (13mm) wrench and remove the hex nut that holds the linkage rod to the shifter. Keep this nut handy, you will reuse it. Take the linkage rod off of the stock assembly. Grab a ten millimeter (10mm) wrench and remove the forward bolt that attaches the stock assembly to the side of the transmission. Then grab a ratchet, a long extension and a ten millimeter (10mm) socket. unscrew the two hex nuts that support the rear of the shifter. Remove the metal bracket from the rear rubber isolator. Set it aside because you will reuse it on your new shifter. Lower the shifter down. Move it slightly forward so you can get the back side of the stock shifter up through the hole in the transmission tunnel. Then remove the shifter from the inside of the car.

0:02:13 - 0:02:34
On the workbench, remove the two metal flange sleeves from the front of the stock shifter and install them in your new Hurst assembly. Then remove the two plastic bushings from the bottom of the handle head and install him in the new Hurst assembly. Install the new Hurst assembly from inside the vehicle; sliding on down into position.

0:02:34 - 0:02:55
Crawl underneath and loosely install the front bolt that holds the shifter to transmission case. Slide the metal bracket you removed earlier over the rear bushing. Hold the assembly up into place and install the two ten millimeter (10mm) nuts. Go ahead and tighten those down. Install your linkage rod, the retaining hex nut, and tighten it down. Then go ahead and tighten the forward bolt.

0:02:55 - 0:03:17
Go ahead and crawl back in the car and let’s adjust those shifting stops. Slide the shift lever into fourth (4th) gear and run the shifting stop all the way up to where it touches the lower handle. Back it off slightly. Grab you a three sixteenths (3/16) Allen head a fourteen millimeter (14mm) open end wrench. Then tighten down the lock nut. Slide the shift lever into third (3rd) gear and repeat the same process on the front stop.

0:03:17 - 0:03:50
With your two attaching bolts and star washers, grab your chrome handle. Hurst supplies to neoprene insulator pads to go in between the shifter handle and the base. You can use none, one or both. We elected to use one to help dampen some of the noise coming from transmission. Lower your handle into place and use a seven thirty seconds (7/32) Allen head to tighten the two attaching bolts. Slide your lower rubber shifter boot into place making sure that the wide lower lip goes down underneath the transmission tunnel and seats properly.

0:03:50 - 0:04:26
Grab your new boot rubber insulator. Slide it over their chrome shifter lever. Grab your shifter boot. Snap it down into place and roll the top over the new rubber insulator. Take your knob jam nut screw it all the way down on the lever. Then screw your knob into place. You do not have to tighten your knob down all the way because guess what the shift patterns going to be off. So back it up slightly too where the pattern is exactly where you want it. Then take you and nine sixteenths (9/16) wrench and tighten up the lock nut. This will hold the knob in place in your Mustang.

0:04:26 - 0:04:30.860
Man that feels a whole lot better and the beautiful part is this same general steps apply to most aftermarket shifters. So for more 05+ S197 mustang drivetrain parts and videos check out
Late Model Restoration carries short throw shifters for the following year model Ford Mustang - 2005 (05) - 2006 (06) - 2007 (07) - 2008 (08) - 2009 (09). These cover the following models - V6, GT, Bullitt, Shelby GT500 Mustangs!