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Ford Mustang Front Lower Control Arm Install (05-10)

Watch this install video to see how to replace the lower control arms on S197 Mustangs!!

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Get rid of all those pops, squeaks and other annoying sounds coming from your front suspension! These are typically caused by worn out front suspension components. One of the major components that wear out are the front lower control arms. The control arm bushings and ball joints wear out over time and cause noise or uneven tire wear. This was the case with our S197 Mustang.

Lucky for us, Ford Racing has preassembled GT500 front lower control arms for 05-10 Mustangs (Part #: M3075E). These control arms have new and improved bushings and ball joints already installed on the control arm. This eliminates the need to remove your old ones from your factory control arms. Installation can be done in your driveway with simple hand tools, a jack and jack stand. Follow along in the how to video as Jmac walks you through the installation process.

Tools Needed:
  1. Ratchet
  2. 18mm socket
  3. 21mm wrench
S197 Mustang Lower Control Arm Install - mustang front control arm install

How to Install Mustang Front Lower Control Arms

  1. Lift the Stang into the air and support it with a jackstand
  2. Remove the steering rack bolts with 18mm socket and ratchet
  3. Pull steering rack forward to gain access to the front control arm bolt
  4. Remove the 18mm front control bolt
  5. Remove the rear control arm nuts with 21mm wrench
  6. Remove the pinch nut and bolt from the ball joint
  7. You can now remove the control arm (may need to pry and hammer it off)
  8. Place the new control arm into place
  9. Re-install the rear control arm speed nuts (hand tighten them for now)
  10. Re-install the front control arm bolt (hand tighten it for now)
  11. Now fully tighten the rear and front control arm hardware
  12. Reposition the spindle onto the ball joint ( may need a rubber hammer)
  13. Re-install the pinch nut and bolt on the ball joint and fully tighten
  14. Repeat on other side
  15. Re-install your steering rack and tighten bolts.
  16. Get your Mustang back on the ground
  17. Go get your front end aligned and your done!

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About the Video

Mustang Front Lower Control Arm Install - 05-09 FRPP GT500 Style M-3075-E

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Published on 2013-07-11
Worn out lower control arms on S197 Mustangs are a common reason for pops and other annoying sounds coming from the front suspension. Chances are the bushings and ball joints have worn out. To ease the install on our Mustang we decided to use the ¬Ford Racing GT500 Lower Control Arms ( M3075E ). These control arms include pre-installed performance bushings and ball joint. Having these already installed on the control can cut down drastically on your install time.

JONATHAN MCDONALD: Our '05 Mustang has over 100,000 miles on it. If you're '05 to '10 Mustang falls into that category, more than likely you're experiencing some odd front end noises, squeaks, pops, maybe even some alignment issues.

Luckily, Ford Racing has these complete replacement front lower control arm assemblies that'll take care of your ball joints and bushings while allowing you to do this in your driveway with common hand tools and a couple of hours.

These control arms are fitted with the GT500 upgraded ball joints as well as the higher durometer bushings. That way, you're not only improving, you're upgrading.

Using a jack and jack stands, or a hydraulic lift, get your car up in the air and remove the wheels. And it's a good, best practice to use some sort of penetrating lubricant, like WD 40.

You'll need to take the two rack bolts completely loose and out of the car. I was able to do this with a long, 3/8 ratchet in an 18-millimeter socket, so you can pull the rack forward and gain access to the front control arm bolt.

With the rack pulled forward, you can grab your ratchet and 18-millimeter socket and remove the front control arm bolt. Then move to the back control arm nut and use a 21-millimeter wrench to remove the nuts.

Finally, you can remove the pinch both and nut from the ball joint and remove the control arm from the vehicle. If you run into any resistance like we did, because of corrosion, a couple of taps with a hammer may be necessary to get the ball joint free from the spindle.

Grab your new control arm. Slide it into place. Install your two speed bolts with nuts in the back attaching points, and loosely tighten them. Don't fully tighten them just yet.

Move to the front control arm attaching point. Slide the bolt into place and loosely tighten it. Now you can fully tighten the two rear control arm nuts, and then tighten the front control arm bolt.

Position the spindle and slide your ball joint into place. Reinsert the pinch bolt and nut and fully tighten. Slide your steering rack back into place. Install and fully tighten the two retaining bolts.

Any time you mess with a steering or suspension component on your Mustang, it's a good idea to go and run by a professional alignment shop and let them check the alignment. That way, you don't wear out those expensive tires.

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