05-14 Mustang Seat Back Lever Knob Install

Posted 9/5/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

Replace that missing seat back lever knob on your S197 Mustang. Watch this installation video.

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Do you have a missing seat back lever knob? You don't realize how much you need it until it is gone! Replacing it is extremely simple. Watch as Jmac walks you through this super simple installation process. We carry a wide selection of factory replacement style and billet aluminum knobs for your S197 Mustang. So whether you are just replacing your broken or missing knob or looking to add some style with the aftermarket version, you can count on LatemodelRestoration.com.

About the Video

S197 Mustang Seat Back Adjuster Knob (05-14 Seat Release Latch Lever)

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Published on 2013-09-05
Replace your missing or broken seat back knob with one of many selections below. Watch as Jmac shows you how to replace the seat lever on your S197 Mustang!
2005 to '14 Mustangs are equipped with a plastic knob on the seat back that allows you to gain access to the rear seat. These things are always broken or missing, but you can grab a new one, because installation is this simple. And now you're back in business. Head on over to latemodelrestoration.com for all the restoration and renewal parts you need for your '05 to present Mustang.