1992-1996 Bronco Fluid Capacities

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Looking for the fluid capacities for your 1992-1996 Ford Bronco? Check out LMR's fluid capacity guide to get your Bronco maintained!

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1992-1996 Bronco Fluid Capacities - 1992-1996 Bronco Fluid Capacities
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1992-1996 Ford Bronco Fluid Capacities

1992-96 Ford Bronco Engine Oil Capacity

  • 4.9L Inline 6 Cylinder & 5.0L/5.8 V8 6qts with filter change

1992-96 Ford Bronco Coolant System Capacity

  • Manual Transmission 15qts (3.75gal)
  • Automatic Transmission 17qts (4.25gal)

1992-96 Ford Bronco Transmission Fluid Capacity

  • 5-Speed Manual 4.1qts (Mercron ATF) full capacity.
  • 4-Speed Automatic 16.2qts (Mercron V ATF) full capacity.

1992-96 Ford Bronco Front & Rear Differential Fluid Capacity

  • Front Differential, Approx 3.3qts (75W140).
  • Rear Differential, Approx 3.3qts (75W140).

1992-96 Ford Bronco Transfer Case Fluid Capacity

  • Transfer Case, Approx 3.0qts (Mercron ATF).

1992-96 Ford Bronco Power Steering Fluid Capacity

  • 1-2 Quarts of Motorcraft Mercron ATF Fluid

1992-96 Ford Bronco Brake Fluid Capacity

  • 12-24 Ounces of Motorcraft PM1C DOT 3 Fluid

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