2020 Mustang TSB's and Recalls

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2020 Mustang TSB

The below Technical Service Bulletins, TSB for short, were issued for the 2020 Mustang and contain symptom, diagnosis, and repair information for common issues. Click the TSB ID numbers below to see the full TSB, there is also a brief description of the TSB below the number.

Ford TSB Article # 20S26

In all of the affected vehicles, the Image Processing Module A (IPMA) camera may not be calibrated correctly. As a result, the following features could have degraded functionality during vehicle operation:
  • Pre-Collision Assist (PCA)
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
  • Lane Keeping System (LKS)
  • Driver Alert
  • Automatic High Beam Control (AHBC)
This condition may also prevent notifications to the driver that these features may not be functioning as intended. An incorrect IPMA camera calibration could compromise the effectiveness of the features to detect a frontal collision, maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, and detect lanes increasing the risk of an accident if the driver is relying on assistance from the system.

Ford TSB Article # 20-2171

Some 2013-2018 C-Max, 2013-2020 Escape/Fusion/MKZ, 2015-2018 Focus,2015-2019 MKC, 2015-2020 Edge/F150/Mustang, 2016-2018 MKX, 2016-2019 Explorer, 2017-2020 F-Super Duty, 2018-2020 EcoSport/Expedition, 2019-2020 Ranger/Nautilus vehicles may experience seat pan looseness, lateral movement, or a clunk/thump noise on turns. This may be due to the seat pan track. To correct the condition, follow the Service Procedure steps to install a reinforcement.

Ford TSB Article # 20S21

In some of the affected vehicles, the audible chimes and the "Not in Park" warning message on the instrument cluster operates but may not for the intended time period. When the key is turned off and vehicle is not in park position the chime should sound for 10 seconds and the warning message should display for 30 minutes with the door closed.

Ford TSB Article # 20-2083

Some 2020 F-150/Mustang/Ranger vehicles equipped with a 10R80 transmission and built on 21-Oct-2019 and through 16-Dec-2019 may exhibit a high-pitched whine noise coming from the transmission at low speeds during light acceleration or coasting. This may be due to the outer output shaft bearing. To correct the condition, follow the Service Procedure steps to replace the transmission inner output shaft bearing, fluid passage sleeve and outer output shaft bearing.

Ford TSB Article # 20-2023

Some 2018-2020 F-150 and Mustang vehicles equipped with a 5.0L engine may exhibit a light to moderate knocking type noise at idle (600-700 RPM) that is sometimes described as a quiet diesel type sound. The noise is usually more prominent on the passenger side of the vehicle toward the rear of the engine. As the engine comes up to operating temperature, the noise level increases slightly. This noise is not detrimental to engine function and has no short or long term effects on engine durability. This an operating characteristic of the 5.0L engine and no repairs should be attempted.