2021 Mustang TSB's and Recalls

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Date Created: 12/8/2021
Last Updated: 12/13/2022

Find all the latest 2021 Mustang TSB and recall information here! Keep your S550 Mustang flawless.

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The below Technical Service Bulletins, TSB for short, were issued for the 2021 Mustang and contain symptom, diagnosis, and repair information for common issues. Click the TSB ID numbers below to see the full TSB, there is also a brief description of the TSB below the number.

2021 Mustang TSB

Ford TSB #21-2411

Issue - SYNC 3 - Various SYNC Symptoms, Rear View Camera Operation, Echo/Robotic Voice Concerns, Temperature Not Displayed In Pop Up Screen

In all of the affected vehicles, SYNC 3 may experience various SYNC performance-related concerns including but not limited to:
  • Sirius audio not functioning properly after a key cycle with an active subscription
  • Presets not responding or indicating properly
  • Intermittent audio echo/robotic voice heard during a Bluetooth phone call
  • Wi-Fi connection message pop-up every key cycle
  • Frozen unresponsive touchscreen
  • Solid blue screen when moving forward at speeds above 16 km/h (10 mph) (2019 vehicles only)
  • Rear parking aid camera remains on the screen at speeds below 16 km/h (10 mph) (2019 vehicles only)
  • Inoperative infotainment applications
  • Poor/no AppLink function
  • Apple CarPlay not launching on connection or a black screen when connected
  • Voice prompts that skip or have short pauses while directions are being provided
  • Sirius Travel Linkā„¢ not working properly with active subscription
  • Remote start not able to be scheduled from FordPass or Lincoln Way (2020 vehicles only)
  • Blank screen or frozen screen
  • System states "In Michigan" when trying to select a Point Of Interest (POI) on the navigation system
  • System scrolls through FM presets on screen when listening to Bluetooth or when on Android Auto/CarPlay
  • Climate control features missing after previous update
  • Temperature not displayed in pop up screen when increasing or decreasing temperature (2020-2021 Aviator/Navigator only)

Ford TSB #21-2315

Issue - 10R80 - Harsh Engagement/Harsh Shift/Delayed Shift With Or Without DTCs

Some 2017-2020 F-150, 2018-2021 Expedition/Navigator/Mustang, and 2019-2021 Ranger vehicles equipped with a 10R80 automatic transmission may exhibit a harsh engagement/harsh shift/delayed shift. It is possible the vehicle may also have an illuminated malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) or diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) P0751, P0752, P0756, P0757, P0761, P0762, P0766, P0767, P0771, P0772, P2700, P2701, P2702, P2703, P2704, P2705, P2707, P2708, P0729, P0731, P0732, P0733, P0734, P0735, P0736, P076F, P07D9, P07F6 and/or P07F7 stored in the powertrain control module (PCM) or transmission control module (TCM). This may be due to incompatibility of the adaptive calibration to adapt to hardware wear-in over time. To correct the condition, follow the Service Procedure steps to overhaul the main control valve body and/or perform an adaptive learning drive cycle.

Ford TSB #20-2171

Issue - Seat Pan Looseness, Lateral Movement, Or Clunk/Thump Noise On Turns

Some 2013-2018 C-Max, 2013-2020 Fusion/MKZ, 2013-2021 Escape, 2015-2018 Focus, 2015-2019 MKC, 2015-2021 Edge/F150/Mustang, 2016-2018 MKX, 2016-2019 Explorer, 2017-2021 F-Super Duty, 2018-2021 EcoSport/Expedition, 2019-2021 Ranger/Nautilus, 2021 Bronco Sport/Mustang Mach-E vehicles may experience seat pan looseness, lateral movement, or a clunk/thump noise on turns. This may be due to the seat pan tracks. To correct the condition, follow the Service Procedure steps to install a reinforcement.

Ford TSB #21-2220

Issue - Sagging Headliner/Gap - Weatherstrip/Headliner Overlap

Some 2018-2021 Mustang coupe vehicles may exhibit a sagging headliner or gap where the headliner meets the upper door weatherstrip. This may be due to an outward bent door frame moulding not allowing the weatherstrip to overlap the headliner properly. To correct this condition, follow the Service Procedure to replace the door frame moulding.

Ford TSB #21-2174

Issue - 5.0L - Intermittent Rough Running And/Or Illuminated MIL With DTCs P0351, P0352, P0353 And/Or P0354 - Built On Or Before 11-Feb-2021

Some 2021 Mustang vehicles equipped with a 5.0L engine and built on or before 11-Feb-2021 may exhibit an intermittent rough running drivability concern with an illuminated malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) and diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) P0351, P0352, P0353, and/or P0354 stored in the powertrain control module (PCM). This may be due to a software parameter within the PCM.
Source: Alldata, Ford Motor Company

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