1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang Water Pumps

Ensure the cooling system in your Fox Body Mustang is up to par by keeping the coolant flowing with these 5.0 water pumps!

Your Fox Body water pump cycles coolant through the engine and radiator. A damaged or broken water pump and cause coolant leakage and overheating conditions. Late Model Restoration offers direct replacement pumps to fix these problems. These water pumps are offered in stock, polished, and high volume versions to fit your cooling system needs. Pick up a set of our ARP timing cover and water pump bolt/stud kits to keep it all bolted down, as they are stronger than the OEM bolts, and replace those corroded old ones.
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Fox Body Water Pumps

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1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang Water Pump Tech

Fox Body Water Pump Replacement

Performing a Fox Body Mustang water pump replacement is a quick and easy task that can help you save thousands of dollars in repairs!

Mustang 302/351 Timing Cover and Water Pump Hardware Placement

Use this helpful guide when replacing your timing cover and water pump hardware with 5.0Resto's exclusive kit!

How To: Install 302/351 Mustang Timing Cover and Water Pump

Install a timing cover, water pump, and harmonic balancer onto your 302 or 351 based pushrod Mustang engine!

Fox Body Belt Routing & Serpentine Belt Length Guide

Before purchasing a replacement serpentine belt for your Fox Body 5.0, make sure you check out this 1979-1993 Mustang serpentine belt routing and length guide. This informative diagram includes many popular belt configurations on the 5.0 Mustang motor including with and without A/C, power steering, and smog pumps. ...