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1st Gen Ford Lightning Specs | 1993-95

Created by Jeff Jimenez
Date Created: 8/30/2013
Last Updated: 8/20/2021

Check out LMR's list of specs of the popular 1st Gen Ford SVT Lightning from 1993-95. Restore the look of your Gen 1 Lightning today with parts from LMR.

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93-95 F-150 SVT Lightning Specs - 93-95 svt lightning

I know first gen SVT Lightning owners often feel left out when people start discussing SVT Lightnings. Let’s face it, some Ford guys do not even know that there was a 93-95 SVT truck; but, let’s look at this from the glass half full perspective – these trucks are actually pretty rare when compared to their 99-04 counterpart. The even better news is that we carry parts for your hard to find 93-95 Lightning and we know a thing or two about them as well.Check out our article going over the Lightning generations as a whole!

For those of you who have not had a chance to see, remember to read up on the 93-95 SVT Lightnings with LMR's full list of Gen 1 SVT Lightning specs below!

93-95 F-150 SVT Lightning Specs

Production Numbers

  • 1993 Black | 2,691
  • 1993 Red | 2,585
  • 1993 Total | 5,276

  • 1994 Black | 1,382
  • 1994 Red | 1,165
  • 1994 White | 1,460
  • 1994 Total | 4,007

  • 1995 Black | 824
  • 1995 Red | 695
  • 1995 White | 761
  • 1995 Total | 2,280

Engine Specs

  • 90 degree V-8 with 4.00 in x 3.50 in (Bore x Stroke)
  • Compression Ratio | 8.8:1
  • High-Lift camshaft
  • Induction included a tuned length tubular intake manifold
  • Electronic fuel injection with high-flow capacity pump and injectors
  • Exhaust system featured tubular manifold with dual exhaust system
  • Horsepower (HP) | 240 @ 4,200 RPM
  • Torque | 340 lbs.-ft @3200 RPM


  • Featured E40D electronic 4-speed automatic with overdrive
  • Final Drive | 8.8 rear end with 4.10:1 gears and limited slip

Performance Testing (according to Ford)

  • Acceleration | 0-60 MPH in 7.6 seconds
  • EPA estimates | 12 MPG city/17 MPG highway


  • Front | featured a twin I-beam design with coil springs, HD gas shocks & stabilizer bar
  • Rear | featured leaf springs, HD gas shocks and stabilizer bar


  • Front | featured 11.72” disc brakes
  • Rear | featured 11-1/32” x 2 ¼” drum brake set up with anti-lock

Wheels & Tires

  • 17” x 8” unique cast aluminum alloy wheels and 275/60/17 Firestone Firehawk Tires

Special Exterior Additions

  • Functional front air dam with fog lights
  • Lightning graphics package

Exterior Color Options

  • 1993 Colors | Raven Black & Bright Red
  • 1994-1995 Colors | Ebony, Bright Red Clear Coat & Oxford White.

Interior Options

  • 6 way adjustable performance bucket seats with power lumbar and Floor console
  • Some 94-95 models featured a fold down center seat
  • Interior colors | '93 featured Charcoal, '94 featured Opal Gray and in '95 it was Opal Gray
93-95 F-150 SVT Lightning Specs - 95 svt lightning

Take a look at some of the top restoration and performance parts for your Gen 1 Lightning below. Remember we are continuing to find and locate new parts for your 1st gen Lightning so check back often!

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Published on 2019-08-19
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The Ford Lightning is one of Ford's flagship performance trucks that debuted in 1993 under the SVT program. This truck rivaled competing performance trucks and paved the way for higher performance trucks later down the road.

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