Mustang Lower Chassis Brace

Increase your 1979-current Mustang's rigidity with popular lower chassis braces and subframe connectors from!

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Mustang Subframe & Lower Chassis Braces

Late Model Restoration is your one-stop shop for all Mustang lower chassis braces! Here you'll find all major Mustang chassis braces, like the popular lower chassis brace that bolts to the rear K-Member mounting points, which will reduce K-Member flex.

Also available are the popular subframe connectors that are great at increasing torsional rigidity. Subframes are popular and significant upgrades for Fox Body and SN95 Mustang but can also be great for the newer S197 and S550 Mustang.

Jacking rails are another popular upgrade for S197 and S550 Mustangs. These braces run along the frame rail and provide a solid lifting point for the newer Mustangs. These simple but effective rails prevent damage to pinch welds when using floor jacks and lifts! 

Adding chassis bracing will increase your Mustang's chassis strength and provide long-lasting strength to the frame! Shop our wide selection of Mustang lower chassis braces below now!