Mustang Eibach Camber Bolt Installation (05-14)

Watch us show you how to install a set of Eibach Camber Bolts on your 05-14 Mustang!

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If you have lowered your 2005-2014 Ford Mustang, your biggest concern will be getting the front end properly aligned. There is nothing worst than having uneven tire wear from your camber being off after you lower your Mustang. With these Eibach camber bolts, you will be able to adjust your front camber 1 degree of positive or negative camber. These bolts have a fairly simple installation process and can be done in your driveway. You can install these S197 Mustang camber bolts using simple hand tools in about an hour.

Tools needed

  • Floor Jack
  • Jack stands
  • 21mm shallow socket
  • 18mm deep socket

S197 Mustang Eibach Camber Bolt Installation

  1. You’ll first want to start by jacking up the front of your Mustang and supporting it with jack stands.

  2. Next you will want to remove the front lug nuts and wheels so that you can access the strut bolts behind the wheel.

  3. Go ahead and remove the top strut to spindle bolt using an 18mm deep socket and a 21mm shallow socket and pull the bolt out.

  4. Loosen the bottom spindle to strut bolt using the same 18mm deep socket and 21mm shallow socket.

  5. There will be a small tab on the washer that comes with the kit that will sit on the flat side of the camber bolt when you slide it through the strut and the spindle.

  6. The larger tab will determine the camber adjustment. The tab should point away from the vehicle for positive camber and it should point toward the vehicle for negative camber.

  7. Put the bolts back into the strut and spindle and snug them down but don’t tighten them.

  8. Using a torque wrench tighten the top and bottom strut to spindle bolts to 97ft-lbs.

  9. Remount your wheel and tighten the lug nuts.

We highly recommend that after installing these Eibach camber bolts that you take your S197 Mustang to an alignment shop and have it professionally aligned. If you follow these instructions you will be able to have your Mustang properly aligned and greatly reduce uneven tire wear. Late Model Restoration carries a wide variety of suspension parts and can get your Mustang handling and looking good!

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Mustang Eibach Camber Adjustment Bolts Install (2005-14)

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Published on 2014-09-26
Eibach Camber Bolts.
When lowering your S197, it is always a great idea to pick up a set of Eibach bolts to get your front end realigned. These easy to install bolts allow you to dial in your suspension whether on the street or the track for maximum performance. Correcting your alignment will reduce uneven tire wear, ill handling, and braking. This camber bolt allows for an extra +/- 1 degree of adjustment and will service both sides of your Mustang.

Eibach Quality.
Eibach is an industry-leading provider of Mustang parts known for their high quality and thoroughly tested products.

Application: 2005-2014 Mustangs

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If you've lowered or plan on lowering your 2005 to 2014 Mustang, the first thing that comes to mind is your front-end alignment. Regardless of how low your Mustang is, now would be the perfect time to purchase a set of Eibach camber bolts from These camber bolts feature quality construction, prevent uneven tire wear, and also allow for a positive or negative one-degree of camber to get your front-end alignment dialed in.

Now let's go ahead and jump over here to this 2007 Mustang and let me show you how easy this install is. Start by jacking up the car and placing a jack stand underneath for safety. Remove your lugs from the wheel and get it out of your way. Remove the top spindle-to-strut bolt from the car using an 18-millimeter deep socket and 21-millimeter shallow socket. Loosen the bottom spindle-to-strut bolt using the same socket selection.

Notice the small tab on the washer. This will sit on the flat side of the cam bolt when you slide it through the strut-and-spindle. The larger tab is to determine your camber adjustment. The larger tab should point toward the outside of the car for positive camber and point toward the engine for negative camber. Snug down the camber adjustment bolt with an 18-millimeter deep socket and 15-millimeter shallow socket, but do not tighten.

Using a torque wrench, torque both nuts to 97-foot pounds. Remount your wheel and tighten down your lugs. We just finished up the installation on our Eibach camber adjustment bolts. Each side took us roughly 30 minutes, so about an hour total of your time and it can be done in your driveway. Now once you get yours installed, we do recommend you take it to an alignment shop and have it professionally-aligned. For more Mustang how-to, subscribe to our YouTube channel or check out our great selection of suspension parts at