How To Install Fox Body Mustang GT Fog Light Bulbs (87-93)

Posted 7/24/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

Does your Fox Body Mustang Fog light have a burned out bulb? Watch this install video that will walk you through the removal and installation process for replacing your bad fog light bulb.

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Has the fog light stopped working on your Stang? If the glass is still in one piece, more than likely your fog light bulb has burned out. Follow along with the video as Jmac shows you how to replace the fog light bulbs in your Fox Body Mustang. Be sure to check out our ultra-white fog light bulbs to add some extra style to your Fox Mustang!

Step 1:
Remove the fog light from the vehicle. (How To Remove Fox Body Fog Lights)

Step 2:
Pull the metal clip on top of the fog light assembly and pull the fog light lens forward and then up & out.

Step 3:
Unplug the spade connector, move the two wire clips, pull the retainer out, and remove the old bulb.

Step 4:
Slide your new bulb in, rotate the retainer into place, clip the two wire clips back in, and plug the spade connector back in.

Step 5:
Slide your lens back into the housing and press it until the metal clip secures into place.

Step 6:
Reinstall your fog light and test for operation.


About the Video

Fox Body Mustang Fog Light Bulb Install/Removal - 87-93 Mustang GT

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Published on 2013-07-24
In this video Jmac will walk you through how to change the fog light bulb on your 87-93 Mustang GT. If you are one of the luck ones who only have a bad bulb and not a broken fog light, then this will show you how to replace the bad fog light bulb. If you are wanting to upgrade to HID or ultra white fog light bulb this will also help you with your install.

Don't forget that if you do need to replace your Mustang Fog Light we have plenty of different options available for your Project Fox Body Mustang. These options range from smoke (tinted), ultra clear and more. Remember that all lights are back with a NO HASSLE warranty so you can rest assured that you are getting a quality replacement for that broken or faded headlight.
JONATHAN MCDONALD: Sometimes the fog light isn't broken, and you don't have to replace the whole assembly. It's just the bulb. Replacing the bulb is extremely easy. And this process will apply to '87 and '93 Mustang and '99, 2000 Lightning.

Step one, remove the fog light from the vehicle. Then grab the metal tab at the top. Lift it up. Pull the fog light lens forward and then up and out.

Unplug the single-spayed connector with the white braided wire. Move the two wire clips, and pull the retainer out of the way. Then lift the old bulb out of the assembly.

Slide your new bulb in. Rotate the retainer into place. Lock the two tabs in. Plug this single-spayed connector. Slide your lens back into the housing, and press it until the top tab clips into place.

Reinstall your fog light and test for operation. And there you have it. It took you about 30 seconds, once you had the fog light laying on the table. Now, to pick up your OE replacement, our super-white Xenon bulbs, check out