2005-2010 S197 Mustang GT BBK Shorty Header Install

2005-2010 S197 Mustang GT BBK Shorty Header Install

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2005-2010 S197 Mustang GT BBK Shorty Header Install

If you want to get some more power out of your 2005-2010 S197 Mustang GT then these BBK shorty headers will get you more power and more torque! They have 1 5/8 mandrel bent primaries and will bolt directly to your factory or aftermarket midpipe. They will include all of the needed gaskets and hardware and come in chrome or ceramic coated. The install is pretty simple and can be done with basic hand tools on jack stands or a lift.

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How To Install 2005-2010 Mustang GT BBK Shorty Headers

Installation Instructions

  1. You’ll first want to start out by removing and strut tower if you have one on your S197 Mustang
  2. Next, you’ll want to go ahead and remove the battery
  3. Go ahead and remove the intake tube from your factory air box or cold air intake
  4. Unbolt and remove the oil dipstick tube and place it aside
  5. Next you’ll want to turn the steering wheel until the coupling bolt on the steering shaft is accessible with a socket and extension, loosen and remove the bolt
  6. Go under the dash and pull back on the black collar to release the steering shaft.
  7. Next, go under the hood and remove the nuts that hold the motor mounts to the frame rails
  8. Remove as many nuts as you can while under the hood from the exhaust manifolds as this will make it easier to remove them later.
  9. Next, you’ll want to lift the vehicle with a lift or with a floor jack, keep in mind to support the vehicle with jack stands if you are using a floor jack.
  10. Go under the vehicle and loosen the 4 bolts on the exhaust clams and remove the tailpipes from the midpipe.
  11. You’ll now want to go ahead and unplug all 4 oxygen sensors under the vehicle, the passenger side front sensor might be a little hard to access. It is best to use a set of long pliers, or you can also access it by removing the battery.
  12. Next, go ahead and remove the 4 bolts that hold the midpipe to the exhaust manifold and remove the midpipe from the Mustang
  13. You can now access the bottom bolt on the steering shaft where it attaches to the steering rack, loosen this bolt and remove the steering shaft from the vehicle.
  14. Remove the 3 mounting bolts from the starter and rest the starter on the K-member.
  15. Jack up the motor until the motor mounts come over the studs on the frame rail, find a solid point on the engine block to jack from and remember to never jack up from the oil pan.
  16. Unbolt and remove the motor mounts from the engine.
  17. You can now access all of the nuts holding on the exhaust manifolds, unscrew them all and remove the exhaust manifolds and gaskets from the vehicle, be careful when removing the gaskets as they might be sharp.
  18. Go ahead and remove the oxygen sensors from the exhaust manifolds and transfer them over to the BBK shorty headers.
  19. You’ll notice that some of the factory mounting studs will not work with these headers, remove the studs that will not work and use the supplied bolts where needed.
  20. Hang the gaskets on the remaining exhaust manifold studs and install the headers
  21. Install the BBK header bolts where needed and tighten down the remainder of the nuts.
  22. Go ahead and reinstall the starter.
  23. Next, you’ll want to reinstall the motor mounts on the engine.
  24. Lower the engine back down slowly onto the studs that hold the motor mounts to the frame rails and tighten the nuts onto the studs.
  25. Plug in all of the oxygen sensors and reinstall the midpipe.
  26. Reinstall the steering shaft.
  27. You’ll now want to reinstall the oil dipstick and the intake tube.
  28. Reconnect the battery and start vehicle, inspect for any exhaust leaks or anything out of the ordinary.

If you follow these instructions then you will be on your way to making more power and more torque out of your 2005-2010 Mustang GT. These headers on average add 10hp and 15ft/lbs of torque to the rear wheels on a stock S197 Mustang. Late Model Restoration also carries a wide variety of midpipes and catback system to compliment your BBK shorty headers. They will help you mustang not only sound good but also get some more horsepower and torque! Make sure to keep Late Model Restoration in mind for all of your mustang needs!

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