Mustang Catalytic Converters

If you are needing new catalytic converters to pass inspection or smog, Latemodel Restoration has got you covered! Whether you need factory or high flow performance cats, we carry them all. Adding a Flowmaster California legal catalytic converter to your Mustang can have you successfully passing your state inspection and keeping your exhaust tones down. If you would rather have a little more performance when adding new cats to your mid pipe, Flowmaster's high flow cats are the way to go!

Mustang Catalytic Converters Tech Info

A catalytic converter is a device used to reduce the toxicity of emissions from your Mustang. First widely introduced on series-production automobiles in the U.S. market for the 1975 model year to comply with tightening EPA regulations on auto exhaust, catalytic converters are still found on all new production Ford Mustangs. A catalytic converter provides an environment for a chemical reaction wherein toxic combustion by-products are converted to less-toxic substances.

Emissions laws in most states require your Mustang to be fitted with a catalytic converter. If you are looking for some extra performance but still would like to remain street legal install a set of high-flow mini catalytic converters from Pypes!